Batman, Harley, Superman, Gandalf in ... Trap Slot!

After the rumors come more concrete information! In fact, he revealed the famous Warner title, largely inspired by the concept of Nintendo – Super Smash Bros. – About his choice of characters. And as expected, it includes many universes such as DC Comics (Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman), The Lord of the Rings or even Scooby-Doo.

Smash Bros. Warner: Nice list but…

No one is sure if the scenario would justify this mix of genres, in this Warner video game that could draw people in. However, with such a meager selection of characters, this fighting game is far from rivaling its Kyoto model. And that’s where the trick is, the developers had made a free-to-play game. It obviously won’t cost you anything at first. Then, to play with additional characters, you will have to go to the cash register.

And when we know that Warner has, in its baggage, Harry Potter and several other Hollywood movies and cartoons, there will be plenty to entice gamers. Below is the first list of fighters, available in advance at launch, that is, without the need to go out. While waiting for an official press release, something shouldn’t be too long.

– steven universe

-Adventure time

-Batman/Harley Quinn

-Superman / WW -Gandalf

-Rick and Morty

-Tom & Jerry

Rabbit flea

New char (top left)

Image caption: cosplayflickr

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