Netflix Préparera Le Streaming De Jeux En Partenariat Avec Playstation

Netflix is ​​currently the most popular movie and series streaming platform. But recently, we learned that the service could be about to expand its offering by integrating games as early as 2022.

In this sense, there is now more news that the game will be broadcast on the platform through a partnership with PlayStation.

We told you last week that Netflix will be expanding into the gaming segment as well. To that end, the platform has already appointed Mike Verdo, a former CEO of EA Games and Facebook, as its vice president of game development.

Of course, once everything is better defined, the company will have many strong competitors. However, reports indicate that the Netflix gaming business will arrive as early as 2022. Interestingly, after the news spread on the website BloombergShares of the streaming platform rose 3.3% to $566.

Netflix prepares to partner with PlayStation to stream games

Now recent reports suggest that Netflix will partner with Sony’s PlayStation to create a gaming service. This rumor gained momentum after a snippet of data from the Netflix iOS app revealed images linking the two companies.

One of these images shows the cover of the action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima, distributed exclusively by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation consoles. Also in this data mining, an image was found that supposedly refers to Netflix’s future streaming game service. The information was revealed by Steve Moser of The Tape Driver.

The logo appears with the inscription “N Game”, and the letter “N” is the same that composes the Netflix brand name. So we can conclude that the service will be called “Netflix Game” or simply “N Game”.

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Another screenshot shows two PlayStation 5 controllers floating on a purple background with bubbles all over. However, the image does not contain any logo or reference to the movie and series streaming platform. But, as mentioned above, these are images that are in the service application.

So far, there is no official information about this potential partnership between the popular streaming service and PlayStation. But let’s wait for more news on this topic.


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