Miami, Riyadh, Bangkok and the Bahamas –
to Thomas Labette

Nine stages out in the last few weeks. Kunti attacks him for incompatibility and challenges him

Reconstructing his movements, and contouring the search to just the past few weeks, gives me a headache. From one part of the world to another, from one part of Europe to another. Anyone who tried to wiretap the senator in the last month and a half Matthew Renzi He may not have been so lucky on the high-speed train that connects Florence with Rome. Alternatively, perhaps in a large international airport terminal, it would have been easier to find him in front of him and play bingo.

Board meetings, such as the meeting of the Future Investment Initiative Institute, which is managed by the largest investment fund in the EmiratesKingdom Saudi Arabia
Which pushes him to sit next to Mohammed bin Salman; speeches on international politics behind the strictly closed doors of large corporations and investment funds; Or open lessons for students of universities with which he cooperates, such as Stanford University: all this led to the silhouette of the leader of Italy, FIFA being drawn to different corners of the world.

Just in the last few weekstouching on the very personal business tour of former prime minister — and not necessarily in that order — TUkiyo, Athens, Miami, Riad, Bahamas, Zurich, London, Bangkok, Cyprus. Three out of five continents, with trips and billings that occurred in the last month and a half, have increased per capita annual sales that have seen a decline — tax return in hand — just because of Covid. It is difficult to say with certainty the average amount received per away game, but those who set the minimum amount to be less than fifty thousand euros are probably not far from the truth. In the last available tax return (2021, in relation to the profits of the previous year) the leader of Italia viva reported a taxable amount of 488.695 euros, obviously behind Silvio Berlusconi but also Enrico Letta (621818).

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Your next tax return will likely indicate a counter-exceed Compared to the leader of the Democratic Party and the possibility of higher levels of years between the end of the premiership experiment and the start of the pandemic, the period in which Renzi actually increased his earnings tenfold. Levels that in 2019 (2018 income) were just under 1 million (€811,000) and in 2020 (2019 income) slightly higher (€1,092,000). This is because the senator’s salary as well as the rights to the latest books must be added to the profits that come from the international series (the monster and its updated edition) which became a bestseller.

Parliamentarians no longer have to receive euros or give advice to foreign countriessaid Giuseppe Conte, who interviewed him Tpi. A reference to Renzi? Carlo Calenda, who has been an ally of Renzi until now, said it was unacceptable for a senator paid by Italians to endorse authoritarian regimes behind a generous payout. If he does not change his mind, I invite him to be consistent, the former prime minister added, referring to the leader of Italy FIFA, who was among his predecessors in Chigi Palace.

Renzi rarely makes any statements on this point. When he speaks publicly or privately of his work as a very posh lecturer, he repeats that all is orderly and transparent, and all is visible from his tax returns, he treacherously recalls that last month he had placed in the safe a hundred thousand. Defamation lawsuit won tax-exempt euro He points out that Boris Johnson and Theresa May have a conference character much higher than his, and they are still like him parliamentarians According to the faithful, he says he is ready to meet the challenge launched by Conte: I say to him: Do you want a law on incompatibility Parliamentarians? OK. But first let’s also do a commission of inquiry into procurement in the time of covid.

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Meanwhile, the man who was renamed by his opponents Leaving Matthew of Arabia, at the time of his unforgettable video on Arabian Renaissance, stretches the boundaries of his VAT number far beyond what can be imagined. Quiet Bahamas, hot Miami, cold London, giant Tokyo and tiny Cyprus. And the fiscal year is not over yet.

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