Many people know and even believe that trends tend to change, as do technologies, especially those related to the IT field. This direction has not only become a must-have, but entirely, it makes it possible for people from all over the world to earn money. Modern technologies on the basis of which software products are developed affect no less. Angular has really become one of those popular digital platforms that programmers around the world have really started using. After all, the technology is smartly suitable for different types of business, regardless of the direction, and it works specifically on management through the World Wide Web. When you have an idea to create a new web product, you just need to contact one of the best and most promising teams who are ready to take on any development for your business from scratch. The help of such specialists in such matters is really invaluable, because in their hands your idea will receive a worthy frame, revealing all your pluses, advantages and strengths.

Why Angular13 and what are its prospects?

Do you doubt whether it is worth introducing technology into your business project? And you just take a chance, as Google and Netflix did, as well as most other famous brands. The trends in 2022 have changed a bit, because the founders of the technology have released a new version on the modern market, which has contributed to all the undertakings of programmers.

We are talking about Angular13, which began its existence in 2021, and is now very popular. Compared with previous versions, you can immediately emphasize the minimum detail – in this version, the developers have introduced very powerful and imposing tools, updates, functions that are based on the well-known Type Script language. This decision allowed us to open new horizons, namely, it expanded a number of options and updates for the framework:

  1. TypeScript 4.4 support. This is more than just great news. The fact is that previous versions of the programming language simply ceased to exist. And there is no reason to be upset here, because in principle you can take advantage of this innovation and introduce chips from this programming language, break the implementation of the so-called getters and setters, and simply make a cool web product based on the framework without difficulties and problems.
  2. Improved Angular Tests. It is impossible not to say that any improvements today are great news for modern programmers. So, the developers have upgraded the Test Bed a bit. For example, the well-known and much loved by many software engineers DOM can be cleaned up after testing, and specialists will be able to optimize faster tests for work.
  3. Dependency updates. It’s cool when it is possible to apply the “Default” web application on a permanent basis. True, now, thanks to updates, it will also be possible for IT specialists to update manually. It will be enough to enter some commands for this: «npm install [email protected]».
  4. There is no support for Internet Explorer 11. The developers of the framework made a rather balanced decision and refused to support this browser. This action means that you can use your web APIs, other innovative features of browser systems, as well as web animations. In fact, a separate download is no longer needed, and applications will load faster than usual in other browsers and will have a smaller package size overall.
  5. Dynamic Command Line Interface (CLI). This tool is exactly what makes the framework so popular. Thanks to this utility, you can do a lot of things – launch, create, build, support web products that are made based on Angular simply from the command shell.
  6. Material Design element for accessibility. Naturally, over time, all standards change. Now, the developers of the framework have introduced a new feature – extending the standards with contrasts, touch targets, the so-called ARIA, and much more. In fact, the development of classic conventional layouts, navigation components, buttons, indicators for business applications have become faster, better and more convenient.
  7. Localization improvements. Most IT pros remember that the localization API is consistent. In essence, this is a method for integrating, internationalizing notification tagging in order to translate into code or a template view.
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There is no doubt that the new Angular13 is an excellent solution that can lead a business application to success, recognition, business scale and so on. Therefore, it is recommended to order the development of any software products immediately from specialists, who will accurately perform all services at a high level and taking into account the terms of reference and the wishes of the client.



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