The search for an apartment: Elvers and Terenzi plan ahead

Apartment wanted
Elvers and Terenzi plan ahead

It just became known that Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi are a couple, so the two are already looking for a joint apartment. They only found each other while filming in January. looks serious.

Everything seems to be going really fast now. Actress Jenny Elvers and musician Mark Terenzi only returned in January of the taping of the new reality show “Club der Gute Laune” from Thailand, where they met and fell in love. The relationship became public last week. As reported by Bild, Elvers and Trienzi are already looking for a place to stay together.

The two are currently in a long distance relationship. 49-year-old Jenny Elvers lives in Berlin, while Mark Terenzi, six years younger, lives in Lüneburg. In between that there is at least a three and a half hour drive. At the moment, the musician is staying at a hotel in Ku’damm, where the couple has already been spotted side by side. But this is certainly not a permanent solution.

Take the relationship very seriously

The move to move in together wouldn’t really be surprising if you believed what a newspaper insider said recently. “It’s still very new. Jenny and Mark are madly in love and take their relationship very seriously.” And that’s despite Sarah Connor’s ex-husband having just broken up with his girlfriend, Vivian.

On the other hand, Elvers has been alone for a long time, having engaged to male model Simon Lorinser in 2019, but this relationship was short-lived. She was just seen on the reality show “Prominent Separate” with her ex-husband Alex Guhlig, the father of her 21-year-old son Paul.

Although Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi have yet to publicly comment on their new love, Bild newspaper has pictures of paparazzi speaking plain language. You can see them hanging out and kissing.

In addition, Terenzi uploaded a photo on Instagram, in which he wrote vaguely: “Change in life is good. Start something new and leave the comfort zone … then real growth can begin. This has always been the case in my life. And so far I have succeeded Always.(…) You will be amazed at the amazing treasures and beautiful people who cross this road.” Could that mean Jenny Elvers?

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