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Sagano's photo.

The fifth and sixth, respectively, were published in the Quinté Prix de l’Opération Overlord, at the beginning of the month at PSF in Deauville, charming prince and others Sagano They find themselves – not without legitimate ambitions – at the start of the Prix de la Comédie Française, on Thursday, on the Paris-Longchamp racetrack.

6 Sagano (photo) : Certainly, we expected better from him at the fifth Grand Prix of Overlord, at the start of the month on PSF in Deauville, where he finished sixth. However, he has secured two fourth places in four consecutive races. To get it back with confidence.

7 Prince Charming : He no longer has to prove himself in tournaments of this kind, counting a win and five places in twelve consecutive races. You just passed our favorite, the quinté deauvilais. Confirmation awaits here.

1 this : This 4-year-old girl trained across the Rhine by Peter SchergenWe already had the opportunity to shine on our soil, having finished second on the race list, at the beginning of October on cantilever grass. Watch out for his disabled return…

13 Irish Street At the beginning of the month, in Saint-Cloud, she finished second in the Quinté Prix du Languedoc, a race in which she dominated two of her competitors today. Having also inherited a large number of stalls, it deserves recognition.

14 nichan : In eight rounds in the fives, he finished six times among the top four. In addition, his only trip to Paris Longchamp ended in victory. Here, in order to get him back at a distance at his convenience, he has his chance.

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4 riocorvo : For his first handicap appearance, he failed in the Quinté Prix du Languedoc, on 2 April in Saint-Cloud. However, he should not be condemned for this outing. If his coach insisted on this class, it would be unwise to underestimate him.

5 Poppergent He will participate in his twelfth quinquel, after two victories and three places. In addition, his third place finish in the alleged race attests to his current good form. Even if it weighs less, the place is in its threads.

11 Battle of Letite : He wrapped up better than he indicated by finishing eighth in the fifth Grand Prix, on April 7 at PSF in Deauville, especially since he was doing the return race that day. Here is a potential troubleshooter.

In the event of a non-runner: 2 ROBERTO MOUNT

Stephen Davy’s Choice

6 Sagano
7 charming prince
Opportunity rules
1 who – which
13 Irish Street
14 naishan
the outside
4 riocorvo
5 Bobby Bergent
11 Lettite Fight

Prognosis Summary:

6 – Sagano

a blow to the heart
7 – Prince Charming

crazy moment
1 – this

Lu pronounce ZEturf.frLu pronounce ZEturf.fr

One day my prince will win!

We start this meeting with Ze5 . event, contested in a handicap for elderly horses well known to race-goers. often note, my prince charming He has the disadvantage of waiting in a track and therefore finds himself dependent on the progress of the race, but on the day everything goes well, he will recover a handicap of this kind. Well positioned on the rope and relied on training in great shape, may his day be.
unfortunate in the end, Nishan It didn’t hold up well in the end, and it ended up being close to places. It is better to put it in the stalls this time, it is absolutely necessary to restore it just as it must be remembered Prince Anodynewho returned to great handicaps with real ambitions, who did well in Toulouse, Lettyt fightwhich was a wonderful spring last year and irish street, She just got back in the second record run of April. Henri-Alex Pantall’s mare would have preferred a softer trail but if there’s a beat, watch out for her top speed. without having much leeway, Bobydargent He deserves his place in this selection as Saganoto resume his return to the grass and BaikalThat restored morale in the conditional races.

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Choosing ZEturf.fr

number Cheval jockey
7 charming prince Bachelot T.
14 naishan Barzalona m.
9 Anodin Prince Veron F.
11 Lettite Fight Basker S.
13 Irish Street PESLIER O.
5 Bobby Bergent Somilon C.
6 Sagano Thomas Ron.
12 Baikal Christos A.

press selection

Every day, Canalturf invites you to give advice Quinté Race +And List of the ten horses selected by the main newspapers of the horse press (Paris Turf, Tiercé Magazine, Bilto, France Turf, Last Turf, Le Progrès de Lyon, Ouest France, Paris Courses, Le Parisien, France Soir, Turf, Le Favori, Turf Matin, Ocean Press).

number Cheval jockey
7 charming prince Bachelot T.
14 naishan Barzalona m.
12 Baikal Christos A.
1 who – which MURZABAYEV b.
13 Irish Street PESLIER O.
6 Sagano Thomas Ron.
5 Bobby Bergent Somilon C.
11 Lettite Fight Basker S.
2 Roberto Mount Nobel m
8 Villaro DEMURO C.


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