Christian de la Fuente shared how his daughter became after she was shot
The actor with his daughter days before what happened. (Screenshot: @iamdelavuente/Instagram)

Christian sourceShare with his thousands of followers on social networks what his daughter looks like Lura After the emergency operation she was subjected to due to a bullet hitting the man after she tried to rob the house Chile.

On the morning of Friday, March 11, one day after the events, the protagonist brave love He turned to his account on Instagram to thank the hundreds of messages he had received after asking for prayers for Laura’s health, as a result of his relationship with the TV presenter, Angelica Castro.

During his post, Christian also reported that the 17-year-old is recovering from the operation she had to extract the bullet that remained in her body after the shot. Fortunately, the surgical intervention was completely successful and we can only wait for its progress in the following days.

The actor accompanied his message in an encouraging way that reflected the unity, love and protection enjoyed by both parents of Laura.  (Screenshot: @iamdelavuente/Instagram)
The actor accompanied his message in an encouraging way that reflected the unity, love and protection enjoyed by both parents of Laura. (Screenshot: @iamdelavuente/Instagram)

Thanks to endless love letters and prayer chains for Lau who woke up better today, after surgery they were able to remove the bullet and Keep it away from life threatening. It started, thanks to the medical team who did an impeccable job in the surgery and to all those who take care of it here at the clinic with love.”

After what happened to the actor? key game He meditated on life, how fleeting moments can be and the speed with which time passes. In addition, he recognized the courage his daughter faced at the moment when they lived together on the streets of their native country and asked for continued prayers for her well-being.

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Life is too short and can be gone in an instant. Lao warrior! Keep praying for his speedy recovery. We love you so much and we will forever be grateful as a family for this chain of prayer, positive energy and miracle-working love.”

With this message he confirmed what happened.  (Screenshot: @iamdelavuente/Instagram)
With this message he confirmed what happened. (Screenshot: @iamdelavuente/Instagram)

According to local reports,The events took place last Thursday, the day Christian de la Fuente turned 48. Father and daughter were traveling in a car on the streets of Chile when some people approached to try to rob them. It is worth noting that So far it is not known how many people are there.

The interpreter was going to try to avoid the assault by trying to escape, but at that moment Laura was hit in one of her legs. Soon, both of them were taken to the hospital, where the young woman was treated. After what happened and fearing that the bullet had caused irreparable damage, de la Fuente asked to pray for his daughter and to imprison the people who attacked them.

Please pray a lot. Laura has just entered the suite. We pray the bullet doesn’t do much damage. Imprisoned for this HPD‘, posted it on Instagram.

(Screenshot: @iamdelavuente/Instagram)
(Screenshot: @iamdelavuente/Instagram)

Several figures from the Mexican media expressed their solidarity with the situation of the de la Fuente family, sending them messages of encouragement, tenderness and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Geraldine Bazin, Andrea Legarreta, Mariana Siwan, Galilea Montego, Yuri, Marin Villanuevaamong others, through the comments box.

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“Loretta recovered soon, and here we are all praying and giving strength to you to recover soon,” he wrote. Beto Cuevas. “Amen, amen, amen, it will be alright super fast,” he added. Marjorie de Souza. “My friend, we love you and a speedy recovery,” the singer from Veracruz continued. “God is with you, our love and prayers for a speedy recovery! We love you,” said the translator I was wrong.

Until the closure of this information, it is not known whether the people who attacked the actor and his daughter have been located, and it is not known whether they actually had the opportunity to file a complaint and testify.

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