Bogocine, the International Film Festival returns to Bogotá
The Bogotá Film Festival, Bogocine, returns to the capital in a comprehensive package of non-commercial products. Photo: Bogosin

Fans of the seventh art in the capital of Colombia will be able to enjoy the new edition of the Bogota Film Festival from October 20 to 28, Bogosin, an event that will gather the citizens of the capital around a selection of national and foreign productions.

This important event, which seeks to bring the audience closer to a selection of audio-visual tracks that have no commercial representation, will be held in a mixed format, between virtual and face-to-face, with performances and activities scheduled at different locations in the city.

Cinematheque Bogotá, Royal Films San Martín, Procinal Cinema in Salitre Plaza, Areandina University, Uniandinos and Zona Cinco will be some of the scenarios in which 102 samples will be shown, including feature films, short films and documentaries.

Our motto this year is “New Cinema”, because we will be showing Colombian and world cinema, documentaries and shorts that have no place in traditional channels.. Attend the festival either in person or from home. In this 38th edition they will find novelties and different and new ways of seeing life,” explained Festival Director, Henri Langado.

Some of the sections that will be presented in this edition are world cinema, Colombian, children’s animation, sacred and new for the blind, consisting of the exhibitions Imagine Darkness and Simona Amaya which will contain a self-description system and a Braille card.

In turn, works from Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, Cyprus and Greece, among other countries, will be exhibited in person and through the “Festhome” platform, where fans of the seventh art will be able to enjoy the production from their homes.

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As one of the main activities of the festival, Bogocine presents the “El Círculo precolombino” awards in gold, silver and bronze categories for “Best Film”, “Best Director” and “Best Documentary” on art, environment and society. These are internationally coveted admissions, as among the early winners was The Law of Desire, in 1988, when its director, Pedro Almodóvar, was still beginning his career.organizers said.

The Colombian Ministry of Culture has announced the 2021 edition of Cine Crea Colombia Season, an event that will bring together Colombians from across the territory about 40 national productions that will be broadcast until December 20.

In its third edition, this event organized by the Culture and Proimmages group, Colombia seeks to connect the citizens of the country’s various departments and municipalities through virtual face-to-face exhibition of a private collection of national films and a large schedule of meetings.

This year, the season makes a major commitment to recognizing ethnic and population productions, and efforts from each region to contribute to the country’s audiovisual ecosystem.. From the Ministry of Culture, we firmly believe that our multiculturalism is our greatest asset and that the decentralization of cinema circulation in Colombia is one way to enhance memory and celebrate diversity in our lands,” said the head of this portfolio. ., Angelica Mayolo.

Among the products selected for this release, fans of the country’s seventh art will have the opportunity to appreciate some historical records of Colombia’s different landscapes and cities, samples from different indigenous communities, a program of children’s short films and a film exhibition that recognizes sexual diversity.

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