Jad Al Maleh: The comedian is annoyed with the organizers of Dance with the Stars

Jad Al-Maleh settled his accounts during an interview with comedians who “turned their backs” and revealed how upset he was at his refusal to dance with the stars.

“I’ll tell the truth, I got an email, very nice, from a member of the production (Dancing With the Stars, Editor’s Note) telling me, ‘We’ve started auditions, so we’d like your audition, or even more’, ” he began explaining on Saturday, April 10, In Microphone we’re remaking TV, on RTL. And me, I was like, “Okay, I went to the USA, but I’m not on the streets, you’re not going to audition for me, maybe he’d accept me in Dancing with the Stars”, is he sorry. “I think if I got put on the show, put it on automatically, I’d be asked if I wanted to do it. I’ve proven myself, damn it, in the dance world!” It burst, not without a touch of humor. “If they want me to do that, no audition, no choice, I’ll tell you now, DALS.”

Jad Al Maleh took the opportunity to say everything he thinks about TF1… “A lot of times, I honestly wondered who the star of those dancing was. Once there was someone who told me he was doing the show, I asked him which star he was dancing with, and he was The star … “he said.

Unappreciated turnover

During the same interview, Jad Al-Maleh also returned to accusations of plagiarism that affected him and the “shocking” attitude of some of his comedians, who turned their backs on him before returning to him. Ask that they do it. The first parts.

“All I thought was clichés about the job like“ Be careful, people turn their backs on you, ”“ Be careful, there are people out there when things are going, but not when things are okay ”… C It’s a real thing, that I have tried With comedians, TV presenters, and movie producers… But I got worse than that, he said, repackaged.

And he shouted bitterly: “I have people who have turned their backs on me, and beware, when everything is settled, who have completely done their part, and come back.” He denounced: “I have known people who have turned their backs, but those who do 360, is a form of human being corrupted from within.” In September 2019, Jad Al Maleh had already responded to the accusations of plagiarism pending against him, deeming them excessive and disproportionate.

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