Audio: Amal girl criticizes her physical fitness, netizens rise up and defend her

This Saturday, May 14, Amal was a girl who lived in the sound. But his presence caused a lot of reactions on social media, with some criticizing his appearance. It was enough to piss off his fans!

The stakes were high on Saturday evening. In fact, TF1 broadcast the amazing semi-final match of The Voice.

For the occasion, Nolwenn Leroy made his big comeback in the surprise coach role with special power : To be able to hunt down a candidate who has been disqualified for the Grand Final, where he will represent him. But while the ten contestants should have found themselves in the center of attention, Most of them are coaches Who have been talked about on social networks!

Primarily Florent Bagni, who has been praised for his bravery in living several months after chemotherapy. “It’s going well, we’re on an adventure. As long as we don’t suffer and everything goes well We have to make sure, so here we areHowever, she wanted to reassure the latter from the start of the show. Meanwhile, Amal Bent also found herself at the center of the discussions. But for another reason: her dress!

Amal Bent provokes many reactions during The Voice

Like every Saturday evening, Amal Bint called up her best fashion designers before appearing on set the sound. For this magnificent semi-final, Patrick Antonelli’s companion chose a costume made entirely of gold and sequins, very close to the body. outfit that suits her, At least, according to the majority. Because others kept making fun of my translator my philosophyThey think that her dress does not suit her. It was enough to infuriate his fans who had mobilized for the occasion.

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“Amal Bent may not like his songs or his music style. But criticizing his body is not,” “how people who complain are raised so poorly. She just gave birth, she’s beautiful, she’s shining“,” When I see people who criticize materialism and Amal dress for a girl in The VoiceHonestly a bunch of idiots Defend them on social networks, with a community like this Amal Bint Al Raqi can have peace of mind!


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