Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States, made fun of April Fool’s jokes with passengers on a plane on Thursday, offering frozen treats disguised as a hostess.

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Members of the crew, secret services and magazines thus walked around the aisle of the plane, wearing a black mask with a short sweet and a badge labeled “Jasmine”, presented by a dark-haired woman. He brought the first lady back to Washington after a visit to California.

Five minutes later, “Jasmine” reappeared among the press, her wig removed, revealing her true identity to them, announcing to them: “April Fools!” “.

This is not the first time Jill Biden has teased passengers on a plane.

When her husband was vice president of the United States, one of the two Air Force crashed into an overhead box and shouted, “Boo! To the first person who opened it, the American media reported.

Journalists who reported April Fool’s Day admitted that she was “completely disappointed” by the first lady’s disguise, while “assuring” that her own team would no longer recognize her. As for the chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar, it was “delicious,” the statement said.

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