All you need to know about your hair

If you thought you knew everything about the world of hair, despite your hair obsession, then you are wrong. Here are 7 hair curiosities you didn’t know

Curiosity poetry that you did not know

I know, I know, you thought you really knew everything about hair, from different wraps for dry or oily hair, to hairstyles for looking younger, and let’s not forget Colors that make us look older.

However, There are some unique curiosities about poetry You definitely do not know her and will be able to serve you at the beauty discos with your friends, showing your global knowledge of the world of the hairdresser and beyond.

Let’s find out more about the things to know about poetry, And all the news that you do not know about this wide world.

7 curiosity about poetry you didn’t know

All those things that you still do not know about hair can help you understand how to manage them in the future, but above all as a general culture of beauty and hair care routines.

Losing your hair is not a drama, but it is a natural thing

When we lose our hair, we become drama queens, but the truth is that Every day we lose 40 to 150, and it’s all normal

Wet hair is longer

Did you know this? Wet hair is 30% longer than its normal length? On the beach, after diving into the sea, we can thus show our hair like the good Rapunzel.

Most of the hair is black

The most popular hair in the world are black people. The Natural blondes are around 2%So if you see a lot around you, these are all my dear ones. On the other hand, red is the rarest color in the world.

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20 times the follicle

Did you know this? Hair grows from the same follicle up to 20 times? So be careful with powerful synthetic remedies.

The root is the living part of the hair

Hair root It is found in the scalp, It is the only living part of our hair.

Curiosity about hair
Curiosity poetry that you did not know

Hair lasts for 5 years

The average life span of hair is 5 yearsMe, but if harmful treatments are avoided, they can last up to 7 years

Hair styler? Utopia only

Super soft hair not found. If there are no panels, you will understand why. In fact, all hair tends to become swollen or frizzy as it grows. The difference with me Curly hair Is this, these are to grow They have a greater amount of twisting.


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