He dives off a cliff 36 meters high but hits a tourist boat and dies instantly
in the picture: Screen da Newsflash.

He jumped off a 36-meter-high cliff, crashing into one tourist boat who was passing by and had nothing to do. tragedy in Lebanon , Where Fahd Ibrahim Jamil jumped, the young man of Syrian origin, whose other details were not disclosed, on the side of Raouche rocks a Beirut, a popular activity among local youth, last Sunday. The boy did not even hear the warning cries of the onlookers who warned him that there was a boat directly below him, invisible from his view, too high. The scene was filmed together smart phone and the Video The incident quickly traveled around the world, and ended up in the British media.

As I mentioned before daily MailThe small boat that the young man hit was full tourists She had just come out of a small cave under the cliff. Obviously, the man who launched himself had not seen her from this height. At some point they felt the gods Rantoli When the boat, Fahd, coming from the city of Hajin, eastern Syria, collided, injuring him head. A destructive jingle, given its height is less than 40 meters. On the other side of the cliff, someone who was filming the scene desperately screamed tried to stop the man, but it was all in vain. agents Lebanese Civil Protection They pulled the body of the young man out of the water and took him to the hospital, where the doctors could not help but pronounce him dead. The captain of the boat was also injured and taken to the emergency room for examination.

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