Unemployment rate in the EU-euro area fell to 7.2% in November, the lowest in the epidemic - Publimetro México

Youth unemployment in Spain fell below 30% for the first time since 2008

Madrid, 10 (Europe Press)

The unemployment rate in the euro area was 7.2% last November, one tenth lower than in the previous month, and nine tenths lower in the same month by 2020, while in the EU overall it was 6.5% and two tenths lower than that. According to Eurostat, Spain has the highest unemployment rate of 14.1% in October, compared to 7.4% in October and a year earlier.

Unemployment data recorded in November 2021 indicate a better reading of data in both regions from March 2020, the first month that controls were introduced to control the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The European Statistics Office estimates that 13.984 million people will be unemployed in the EU by November 2021, of which 11.829 million are in the Eurozone. This represents a monthly decrease of 247,000 and 222,000, respectively.

Compared to November 2020, the number of unemployed fell by 1.659 million in the European Union and 1.411 million in the Eurozone.

Twenty-seven, with high unemployment rates corresponding to Spain, 14.1% (less than three tenths); Greece, 13.4% (one tenth more); And Italy, 9.2% (less than two tenths). In contrast, the Czech Republic (2.2%), the Netherlands (2.7%) and Poland (3%) had the lowest unemployment figures.

For those under the age of 25, the unemployment rate in the euro zone was 15.5% in the eleventh month of the year, representing one-third to one-tenth, in the EU it was 15, 4%, and two. Ten less than it was in October.

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In its entirety, the number of unemployed youth in the EU reached 2,842 million in November, equivalent to an area of ​​2,313 million euros.

Youth unemployment in Spain has fallen by 30% for the first time since 2008

According to Spain, 3,279 million unemployed were counted in November, of whom 493,000 were under the age of 25, which represents a reduction of 88,000 unemployed compared to October, with 9,000 unemployed youth declining.

In this way, the youth unemployment rate in Spain was 29.2%, up from 30.2% in October, and this is the first time since November 2008 that unemployment among 25-year-olds has fallen below the 30% mark.

However, Spain’s youth unemployment rate is the second highest in the EU, just behind 39.1% in Greece and 28% in Italy.


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