TPMP: Bernard Montiel veut quitter l’émission de Cyril Hanouna ?

Is TPMP columnist Bernard Montiel leaving Cyril Hanuna’s team? We will give you more details.

Does Bernard Montiel want to leave TPMP? Gilles Verdes Awesome expressions! MCE TV tells you everything.

Does Bernard Montiel want to leave TPMP?

Every evening, TPMP fans are entitled A show full of twists and turns. This Friday, March 11th, hopes were on the plan again.

Cyril Hanuna was walking around the table to ask News from its authors, Gilles Verdas seizes the opportunity to make some surprising revelations.

Any information on Gilles Verdes? The presenter of the TPMP asks first. The columnist admitted that he had no media information about himself that evening. But he’s fine!

“A media info, I have nothing, but I can swing a columnist. Bernard Mandel, for example “ Gilles starts Verdes. The TPMP columnist And so on He decided to swing over his co-worker.

In fact, this time, he is, he is not. And when he’s not there, he does not want to be there. He calls the teams: ‘Above all, do everything Cyril does not call me. I do not want to be there. For example, yesterday he held a concert. So he did not come on purpose. ⁇ Gilles Verdes explains.

Is what the columnist said about his co-worker true? Bernard Montiel He is really tired of this problem C8 to the point where you no longer want to come?

Gilles Verdas seems to be the case in any case. Corn What exactly is it? We tell you everything!

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Verified information

So Gilles Verdes revealed on TPMP’s set that his colleague no longer wants to come to the show. In fact, Bernard Montiel holds everything Simply fed by the C8 program.

According to Gilles Verdas, Bernard Montiel was released on Thursday, March 10, 2022. Information that has truly changed! In fact TPMP’s columnist attended the concert By Colombian artist Maluma.

The latter had given a show Paris Accor Stadium In front of more than 16,000 fans including Bernard Montiel! Also, the audience knows that Touch, who is not in my post, is in the columnist column. The latter had fun shouting the name of the columnist in the concert hall.

Gilles Verdes, for his part, seems Determined to find out more. In fact, he wants to know if Bernard Montiel wants to leave Cyril Hannah’s show.

The TPMP columnist wants to conduct his or her small inquiry to learn more about his or her colleagues’ motives. You should know that Bernard Montiel is a part of the team By Cyril Hanona from 2017.

But their collaboration began long ago. In fact, it was already some Appeared on the C8 show in 2014.

After all these years, will there be a Bernard Mantel? Tired of the Touch Boss A Mon Post show? At this time, he has not yet responded to rumors started by his colleagues. Anyway, we can not wait to learn more about his other collaboration with Cyril Hanuna! The case to follow very closely!


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