Entire country ravaged by fire,

country in Canada He was literally overwhelmed and devastated by the heat. The thermometer reached 49.6 degrees, creating a dome of killer heat that brought her knees first and then marked the end of Leyton (This is the name of the country). In fact, the heat led to the outbreak of a Violent fire spread in an instant due to drought. The entire area burns out in just fifteen minutes, which usually averages 20 degrees in the summer.

The citizens of Lytton have already been warned of a fire south of the village. But a new fire fed by a strong wind, It surprised everyone and swept the buildings in a jiffy: The fire spread so quickly that – as Corriere della Sera reported – it was impossible for the authorities to send an evacuation order. Manager Edith Loring Kohanga wrote on Facebook: “Our slum town of Leyton is gone. We loaded everything in our cars and started driving. We had no power or internet in Leyton and everyone was trying to reach loved ones. It’s so devastating: We’re all in shock! Our community has lost everything.”

The situation in Canada is getting out of control. In fact, Lytton’s case is not an isolated case. In recent days there have been dozens of fires that are impossible to contain, killing at least 486 people in five days. Not to mention the damage to agriculture, the deformation of roads and loose power lines. Experts explain that the cause of this emergency is climate change. Sir David King, the UK’s former chief scientific adviser, said: “No place is safe, who would have predicted 48/49°C in British Columbia?”. And again, Michael Mann, professor of atmospheric sciences at Penn State University: “We have to take this very seriously. If you warm the planet, you’ll see a rise in extreme temperatures.”

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