Few people know that Fatima has forgotten water sources, with which inexplicable treatments are associated.

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At the site of the Fatima apparitions, a source of water did not rush out exactly, as happened in Lourdes.

The water problem

So the problem of water shortage arose for the pilgrims who went to Cova da Iria. Zone formation, calcareous and porous, did not help, because Not able to retain moisture.

The problem was also evident from the fact that the inhabitants of Fatima were as well He was forced to collect rainwater In tanks via gutters.

How could they meet? Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims aN a place without water? Among other things, for the planned constructions, one was already grappling with the need for significant water resources: it seemed impossible to find more.

Soil exploration decision

But Providence stepped in. On November 13, 1921, after celebrating the first Mass in the chapel to mark the apparitions, the Bishop of Leiria decided that Soil exploration, An order to dig a well in the place where Madonna appeared to the Three Young Shepherds, which happened on May 13.

Local farmers mocked and upset the idea, knowing the land and thus seeing the company as a useless waste of money. However, in compliance with the order of the bishop, the workers opened a small pit, and to their great astonishment, they saw an abundance of water gushing out.

“I don’t know how to explain the case.” Farmer said astonished – Nobody here can imagine anyone Vein of water. It definitely was Miracle from heaven, Or bishop “.

Then, since the water was not enough, two more wells were dug on behalf of the bishop in the vicinity of the first, and the water was also poured out.

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Actions that obscured the memory of the sources

Water from various sources flowed into a reinforced concrete cistern, which was built at the base of the Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The following works unfortunately tarnished the source miracleUntil his memory is almost gone.

Vintage image of Fatima miraculous sources
On the right is the Chapel of Apparitions; On the left, the Sculptural Collection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue and the miraculous sources – a web resource for images

It is evident from the tales of the time that it had a round shape, with as many taps as the rosary’s secrets. There was also a project Build different swimming pools, As in Lourdes, so that pilgrims could take a bath there, but the project was abandoned after subsequent works.

There are many cases Miraculous healing Which was attributed to the waters of the Fatima source, and which occurred through the use or sprinkling of water. One of them in particular remained noteworthy.

Cancer was miraculously cured

Joachim Duarte Oliveira, from Lisbon, happened to have cancer and has been in bed for eight years now. Although he performed all the treatments with the most successful Portuguese specialists, everything was in vain. In October 1927, his wife was in love Last hope He entrusted to our Lord Fatima, who made a vow to him while giving him some water that came from the same source, at the point where the Virgin appeared to the young shepherds.

On her husband’s bed she left a number of Fatima’s voiceIn which it was said about an astonishing recovery. Joachim is led by Mein Curiosity He started reading the newspaper. He also read poetry To grow faith in it He was healed by the Virgin, and unexpectedly he began to pray to Our Lady so that she might heal him as well.

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At that moment, he was completely felt She was dominated by a force that was transforming himAnd the Shelter. The next day, Joachim resumed leading a normal life, and a month later he went to the Virgin in Fatima to thank her for the tremendous blessing she had received.

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