Disappearance of two German teenagers in Paraguay: Doubts about the communities of unaccompanied people who have fled Germany

Claraaged 10, e larra Valentina, one year older. For five months powers Paraguay They do a thorough search to find it two teens Germanwhich respectively originated from Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia) E measurement (Bavaria). They think they can be kept hidden In the settlement of citizens opposed to vaccinations fight covid. In fact, during the epidemic Paraguay became Refuge to many no vax They immigrated from Germany. rotating strict indicates that they built small kingdoms and gives an example of “El Paraiso Verde“, a fenced plot of land with an area of ​​1,600 hectares under supervision About twelve kilometers from the town Caazapáwhere they moved About 3 thousand people It comes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Monday Anne Maja Reneger Aiglerthe mother of one of the girls, at a press conference on feelings in the capital Asuncion She directly appealed to the inhabitants of the South American country. “Please come on heart For our little girls and help us In searches,” she pleaded in Spanish with a broken voice showing her daughter’s bombing Clara From 10 YearsWe want to find them and restore to them the previous life they were in happyClara arrived in Paraguay in November with her 46-year-old father Andreas Rainer EgglerIt is believed that it is against vaccinations against Covid. He also has his second wife Anna Maria Eagle (35 years old) and her 11-year-old daughter Lara Valentina with her ex-husband Philip Blanc. According to the public prosecutor, the minors were forced to travel without permission from the other parent.

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Ann Maja Reneger Aigler publicly asked her ex-husband to “put an end to this nightmareShe contacted her, assuring him that if she reunited with Clara, she would not sue him legally: “Girls can’t run away for the rest of their lives,” she added, crying. Its general appeal is last chance to find them again. Investigators reported that they were last seen in January 19.

Stefan Schulthes, the Asuncion attorney who helps her, explains that i Mr. and Mrs. Eagle I sought after Also by German investigators for to kidnap Violation of the right of the former partners to raise their children. However, the Paraguayan authorities have clashed with it so far Silence and lack cooperation In German communities in areas where girls were seen. Mario VallegosThe director of the police team in charge of the case has intensified the search again since Monday photo Teenagers also from the administrative provinces of Paraguar, Guaira, Itapua, Casapa and Alto Paraná, as well as asking for help from the population with a guarantee Anonymity For those who provide information.

Wednesday, according to reports to focus And the Buildthere was first turning point. to me VillarricaIn Guerra County, the 35-year-old was arrested Diego Rollon, He is suspected of helping the Eagles escape. there Nissan Terrano Found used to escape in Bella Vista, in the southeast, near the village of Hohenau It was founded in 1900 by German immigrants and is today one stronghold subordinate no vax. on me cable A video with Clara and Lara Valentina was also found. Eglers may now illegally attempt to bypass the border with ArgentinaTo the Public Prosecutor of Paraguay cute – good Sanchezaccording to Build“They have no intention of appearing voluntarily, of your own free willAnd moved from one place to another.

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