Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, here's a Quest vs PC VR comparison

Blade and magic act like A benchmark among sword fighting games with its amazing dynamics made possible by a game engine with ultra-realistic physics. Launched exclusively on November 4th onOculus Quest 2We already have images that compare the different versions of the game graphically.

The media download Participate in comparing PC versions VR And Oculus Quest 2 in a video clip. The game, although identical to the PC version VR In terms of mechanics and physics, it has been graphically adapted to run on self-contained devices. and lo new mode Don John included in Blade and Magic: NomadThe latter does not take advantage of all the environments offered on the PC version VR. Several visual sacrifices were made to ensure that the experience was as smooth as possible onOculus Quest 2. Moreover, Blade and Magic: Nomad It ignores many decorative elementswork discount Graphical texture and significantly reduced vegetation, as well as the number of enemies displayed on the screen at once. add to that a nickname Ultra wide, removing shadows and visual effects such as hemoglobin scattering, reducing particle effects related to magic as well as some light effects. However, to achieve a smooth experience, Title takes advantage of hard-click rendering.

Fixed click width : The eye sees in detail only in a small part of the field of view, and this is what we call central vision. The remainder of the field of view is peripheral vision. The latter, less precise, is more blurry and less detailed than the central view. So why render the entire screen in high resolution if our eyes can only see clearly in the center of the field of view? On the basis of this observation, this technique consists in providing high resolution only to the area where our eye is in focus while severely reducing the image quality on the periphery of the center, so as to save graphic resources.

However, we must admit that main origin Blade and magic is his Play He has a very advanced physique. Moreover , discount The graphics should not spoil the fun of playing. On the other hand, Just like its counterpart on PC VRAnd . version Oculus Quest 2 Also benefit from support Modification For more fun parties.

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You will find the game for 19.99 euros stores oculus riftAnd Quest Oculus (task 2 only) And SteamVR.

If you have not yet taken this action, you can treat yourself with Oculus Quest 2 in home Boulanger, The FnakAnd Dart where Amazon for 349.99 euros.


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