Blizzard introduces the Epic Edition of Shadowlands

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is slowly coming to an end, and the next Dragonflight expansion is already in its starting blocks. While Shadowlands hasn’t been well received by the community at large, recent Blizzard patches have improved at least some of the troubling aspects of the expansion. Players who are once again curious about World of Warcraft through Dragonflight can also have a little fun with Shadowlands.

Shadowlands version with many goodies Blizzard offers

Especially lucky players might not have to buy the expansion, because it’s like that MeinMMO . ReportsBlizzard is currently offering the epic version of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This still costs €74.99 on the Blizzard Store, but in the past few days more and more posts have appeared on Reddit and other social media from players who have received the expansion as a gift at

Previous players will mostly get an Epic Edition from Blizzard as a gift, who may want to make a little buzz for Dragonflight with this promotion. Perhaps the company itself does not suffer a very big loss because of this, because with the exception of the current expansion, players no longer have to buy various expansions individually for a long time. When Dragonflight is released, Shadowlands will be included in the subscription as usual. Anyone who hasn’t yet purchased the expansion will likely do so until the release of Dragonflight.


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