Tensions are escalating in Ukraine: This is what is happening between the United States and Russia

Tensions mount Ukraine, Dove Clashes between pro-Russian separatists and Kiev forces have resumed. There is now a rift between Russia and the United States, while NATO has sounded a clear warning Russian President Vladimir PutinWe asked him to stop the provocations near the Ukrainian border.

It seems to be back in time, when the Donbas war was on the front pages of all newspapers. Yes, because the latter Military movementsBesides the statements of the representatives in the field, they leave room for the dangerous winds of war. Six aircraft belonging to the Royal Air Force They are heading to Eastern Europe In response to sending Russian troops, the Kiev government estimates 41,000 troops along the eastern Ukrainian border and 42,000 to the Crimea.

A phone conversation between Biden and Putin

And they told from Moscow that it was just an exercise, but neither of them Then Washington does not seem to believe this account. The Allies reiterated the Atlantic Front’s firm support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as the concern about the military buildup of the Atlantic front. Russia And on (alleged) ceasefire violations by Kremlin-backed militants. NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, Affirmed that the Allies do not and will not recognize Russia’s illegal and illegal annexation of Crimea.

Also Joe Biden Intervened in the first person. President of the United States, In a phone call with her Russian counterpartHe urged Putin to de-escalate tensions, warning him that otherwise.He will act decisively“In defense of Kiev. According to reports from the White House, Biden.”They expressed our concern about the sudden Russian military build-up in the occupied Crimea and on the borders of Ukraine, and called on Russia to reduce tensions.It is, in part, the same message that NATO is spreading.

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Moscow versus the United States and NATO: They want a powder keg in Ukraine

On the other side of the line, Putin explained to Biden how Russia would like to solve the crisis in Donbas politically through the Minsk Agreements mentioned above. A Kremlin note details the conversation between the two leaders. “During the exchange of views on the internal Ukrainian crisis, Vladimir Putin explained approaches to a political solution on a package basis Minsk Agreements. The two presidents agreed to direct the concerned departments to resolve the issues raised during the phone conversationReads the Russian statement.

Previously, Russia had accused Washington and other NATO countries of wanting to turn Ukraine into a kind of “Powder MagazineDeputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov is extremely cruel, declaring that if the situation worsens, then Moscow.It will do its utmost to ensure the safety and security of our citizens, wherever they are“.”Kiev and its allies in the West will be fully responsible for the consequences of any eventuality escalationRyabkov added.

Worrying signs

Remember that pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces have been involved in a conflict in eastern Ukraine since 2014, that is, since Moscow annexed Crimea. Various sources indicated that the area is exposed to the risk of explosion at any moment. Two US warships – destroyers Donald Cook and Roosevelt – are about to reach the Black Sea. Immediate Russian warning:For their benefitFar from the Crimea.

Meanwhile, Russia has transferred 15 military ships from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, explaining that this is a normal and routine operation that takes place every winter. Finally, it appears that during the secret phone call, Biden asked Putin A. Meeting Face to face in a third country to resolve tensions. We’ll see what the next developments will be.

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