Green Corridor and restrictions, the European Union in no particular order.  From Greece to Croatia, here are the rules to be able to travel from one country to another

Although the arrival VaccinesTraveling in a time of pandemic can be more difficult and problem is expected. Not so much for green lane It is valid in all countriesEurope, as for the different Standards e Measures It is valid in each country separately. over there FarnesinaIn fact, he recommends planning trips with maximum attention, taking into account the rules regarding the possibility of Stone provided in the country in which you reside. Actions that also affect i Connections with positive subject الموضوع, who are equally subject to quarantine and isolation by local authorities and therefore not allowed to travel. So here are the expected rules for each individual country:

Greece – In order to go to Greece, the form is required Passenger locator form (bluff). It is an online survey that must be completed By 11.59pm the day before Access. In any case, the traveler must be in possession of one of the following documents: molecular store with negative results within 72 hours prior to arrival, antigenic smear During the last 48 hours, vaccination certificate or a certificate of achievement healing.

Croatia – To be able to cross the border more quickly, you need to fill out the form Intercroatia before departure. In any case, the traveler must have a certificate of vaccination. with the Sinopharm Vaccine Proof of vaccination is valid under the following conditions: from the day of the second dose, or from 14 days after a single dose; to Johnson & Johnson vaccine is valid 210 days. after a dose of Which vaccine is acceptable? In the European Union, for people who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days, the validity is 210 days. Between 22 and 42 days after the first dose of Vaccine Pfizer or Moderna or aesthetic. Between 22 and 84 days after the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. While the proof of recovery from COVID-19 is valid for 180 days.

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Spain – To enter Spain, you must have a file QR Code. The Iberian government has ordered that a questionnaire be filled out, by contacting the website of the Spanish Ministry of Health or by downloadingcovid radar appIt was developed for the occasion. To be able to get it, you must have it vaccination certificate, valid from 14 days after the second dose or a Scan with negative result بنتيجة Performed at 72 hours prior to arrival if molecular, 48 if antigenic.

Portugal – As for Spain, it has been completed Plf. Owners of the green corridor will be able to enter Portugal without being subject to further restrictions.

Denmark – It is enough to have Completed a course of vaccination, or a Negative molecular test Done within 72 hours prior to arrival.

Finland – According to the measures in force until July 25, it is necessary to undergo a buffer on arrival If you don’t have it green lane a Negative test result.

Germany – Travelers who enter Germany and find themselves inDanger zone within 10 days Before entering, it is required to register a It is possible to enter Germany with an extension green lane If you come from European Union countries and those in the Schengen area.

France – France will allow entry into its territory from July 1, with Eu Digital Covid شهادة Certificate. There are no other restrictions as long as the questionnaire contains: Proof vaccination, valid from 7 days after the second dose of the vaccine; Starting 28 days after a single dose of the vaccine Johnson & Johnson; Starting two weeks after the first dose of any approved vaccine, for people who have recovered from a previous infection with Covid-19.

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Malta – Passengers must complete Pfl. You can login with green lane 14 days after the second administration.

Cipro – Passengers are requested vaccination certificate Effective from the day of the second dose, or 14 days after the single dose of J&J; certificate of healing between 14 and 180 days; Negative Molecular Test Result Done within 72 hours prior to arrival on the island.

Iceland – The Register three days before departure. In any case, travelers must be in possession of At least a vaccination certificate 14 days.

United States of America – It is not yet possible to travel from Italy to United States of America.


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