Scholarships for the secondary school year in the USA or the UK –

the International study experiences And the Language Skills At a high level, they make a difference to your CV, and above all they can quite literally change your life. This is what was revealed by a survey conducted by the recruitment agency Openjobmetis and the organization Dep,i W, which has specialized for 35 years in cultural and linguistic exchange in the world, which found that 8 out of 10 students who spent their period studying abroad graduate with a bachelor’s degree. A score above 80. 95% of those who have international study experience during high school decide to continue their studies with a university course, often in English or abroad. This study abroad, which often takes place in the penultimate year of high school, thus has a positive impact on school and work, but is also considered a Value Added By Recruitswho recommend focusing on the experience more than your own experience the biography. A period of study abroad represents not only an excellent opportunity to improve the language, but also the possibility of gaining greater independence, a sense of responsibility and social connection.

A decisive influence on your future career

According to the study, 45% of students see their average rise, while the rest manage to keep it constant, proving that it is an experience that also allows them to improve their academic performance. The benefits of the study abroad experience are also reflected in the continuation of the course of study, with 40% and 53% respectively of participants stating that their time abroad had had a “a lot” and “enough” influence on the choices made in relation to their career. future.

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142 Wep Scholarship and INPS and Astudy Scholarships

As every year Web The most deserving students are offered 142 scholarships for semester, semester and academic year participation abroad, ending on November 30: In detail, these are 6 scholarships worth 2,500 euros, 20 scholarships worth 1,000 euros, 28 scholarships worth 750 euros, and 88 scholarships worth 500 euros.
Each year, children of government employees who choose to enroll by mid-November have access to 1,500 scholarships Inps With the Itaka program while study It provides 5 scholarships for the academic year abroad worth 2,000 euros to each of the most deserving students, to participate in granting a scholarship for a year or a semester abroad (from the second year to the fourth year).

Fulbright Scholarships to USA and Confucius Institute to China

There are also some opportunities to enhance your study paths in the USA after university. Scholarships FulbrightOffers of study, research and teaching projects at top US universities, intended for Italian citizens: graduates (bachelor’s degree, specialist/master’s degree or VO degree including DAMS graduates); Graduates of arts or music academies; Research fellows, university researchers, associate professors, contract professors, and independent researchers (
also Confucius Institute at Milan State University It offers various scholarships to deepen the study of the Chinese language to students between the ages of 16 and 35 and teachers under the age of 45.

Every year, an average of 10,000 students leave

“In 2022, there was a 70% increase in the number of young Italians who decided to leave. Italy is the third country that sends the highest number of students to the United States and our students are also numerous in China, to give an idea of ​​how mobile their citizens are. In 2023, Australia and New Zealand will also grow, while South America and Northern Europe will grow. In terms of regions of origin, Lombardy accounts for 25% followed by Piedmont and Lazio at 15% and Veneto at 10%. “An average of 10 people leave every year,” says Lorenzo Agatti, CEO of Wep. Thousands of young people, including 1,950 with Wep.”

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30% of returnees choose university courses in English

Almost all of the survey respondents (95%) who decided to spend between a quarter and a year abroad during high school decided to attend university, With 30% specifically choosing to attend university courses in English. A large proportion of students who would continue their studies also decided to attend a university course in other European cities (14.5%). Once you have completed your school course, your study abroad experience can also facilitate entry into the world of work. In fact, recruiters are increasingly interested in the language skills of candidates and including study accommodation on one’s CV is a very important element to appreciate. According to research data from Babbel, a language learning platform offering apps and live lessons, commissioned by YouGov, knowledge of languages ​​represents a plus in the world of work: in particular, one in two managers believe that English has been essential throughout your career to find a job Better or get a promotion.


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