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(ANSA) – BELGRADE, Sept 5 – The new Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro Joanikije was formally inaugurated during a ceremony in Cetinje Monastery, a town in the south of the country, the ancient royal capital of Montenegro, which currently houses the official residence. from the Presidency of Montenegro.

The Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Porvirij presided over the worship ceremony, in the presence of a small number of believers and the monastery staff. Dozens of bishops and other religious leaders, besides the civilian guests, who were forced to attend the ceremony, were unable to reach Cetinje due to the barricades and barricades erected by thousands of anti-Serb nationalist protesters and opponents of Belgrade policy and opponents of the elections Joanikije, which is a direct emanation of Belgrade and its expansionist policy.

Joanikije, who took over from Archbishop Amfilohije, who died last year from the consequences of Covid, was elected last March during the work of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Montenegro officially does not have its own independent church, and the Montenegrin Orthodox Church that is established in the country is considered illegal. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new capital, the bells of all Montenegrin churches rang out in celebration.

A parallel ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Podgorica, where Minister of Technological Innovation Nenad Popovic came to Belgrade.

Patriarch Porvirig and Metropolitan Gwankije will travel to Podgorica at midday for a lunch in their honor. This morning they arrived in Stenny by helicopter because of the roadblocks. (Dealing).

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