Transfer flop Oliver Burke returns to the Bundesliga

Anyone who has followed Scott’s path since he appeared as a guest on RB Leipzig may be a little surprised about the former Leipzig’s arrival. This is because his duty during the year he was in Kottayam has already become a misunderstanding.

Hasenhüttl brought Burke on 25 trips

He was allowed to play an average of 25 minutes under Ralph Hasenhüttl. The result was only one goal and two assists, one of which was legendary: when Naby Keita came to Borussia Dortmund 1-0 shortly before the end of the game, Scott put the ball across.

Ranknick made a legendary comparison

After that he did not emerge big. Ralph Ranknick was interested in the role of Burke. “It’s great to see how open-minded he is and how friendly he is to everyone. It’s nice to have him here,” said RB Sports Director of the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. But like coach Hasenhüttl, he was critical of the gaps between performance and aspirations. The famous “hard disk” of “extraordinary hardware” and “power of nature” (Rangnik) was indescribable.

Burke often failed

It hasn’t really changed since he left Leipzig. RB had received மில்லியன் 15 million from West Brom to Burke, thus preventing losses. Before Sheffield United bought him in 2020, he borrowed twice from there for Celtic Glasgow and Deportivo Alaves, but was loaned back to Millwall this January. His overall record in five leagues: 153 games, 15 goals. Underwhelming for a striker.

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Now Bremen is calling him back, probably not paying the fee, but the fee for the win. It will definitely be an interesting reunion for fans and longtime RB players in which the 25-year-old could be without a goal for a long time.


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