Russia says it shot the British warship HMS Defender in the Black Sea -

Russian warship fired Warning shots against the British destroyer “HMS Defender” The agency said the sailing off the coast of Crimea in the Black Sea, in violation according to Moscow of Russian territorial waters. TASS.

The shots were fired after the British guns ignored a warning of intrusion into Russian territorial waters, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. Also, according to reports from Moscow, one of its Su-24 bombers threw grenades in front of the British ship to Convince her to change course.

British military attache summoned

Russian authorities have summoned the UK ambassador to Moscow “in connection with the violation of the Russian border by a British destroyer,” the Ministry of Defense announced, which has asked London “to investigate the actions of the ship’s crew.”

GB refuses warning shots

London denied, as reported by Moscow, that a Russian patrol boat and a Su-24 fighter jet fired warning shots at the British destroyer, which, according to Moscow, violated Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea. In the Capo Fiolent region.

“No warning shots were fired at HMS Defender,” the British Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter, “The Royal Navy ship was innocently passing through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.”

The announcement also mentions “military maneuvers” underway in the same area of ​​the Black Sea by Russian forces, as “reported by Moscow to the naval community,” noting that the shooting could be related to training shots fired. in that area. “No bullet was fired – but the speaker repeats – in the direction of HMS Defender and we are unaware of the assertion that bombs were dropped along its path.”

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BBC: ‘The Russian strikes have taken place’

The British military unit “deliberately” completed a passage in the waters claimed by Russia off the coast of occupied Crimea, It arrived 12 miles off the coast of the peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014.Announcing an envoy BBC On board the HMS Defender. The British ship is now heading to Georgia, and Russian military aircraft continue to fly over it (there were up to 20). exist In fact, there were some warning shots By Russian Coast Guard boats, the reporter adds. As the demonstration passed, the crew was on high alert. The British ship did not change course after the Russian patrol boats tried to block its course.”


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