The bank falters and withdrawals from ATMs become unlimited: 40 million “gifts”

Milan – It seems like a dream to many. Go to an ATM and enter any amount (possibly very high) even if it is much higher than your checking account capacity. He discovered that the machine, without hesitation, distributed the required banknotes. Customers of the largest Ethiopian bank found themselves in this situation on Saturday Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). Whoever takes full advantage of it, withdraws it, or transfers its beauty to other accounts of other institutions 40 million dollars.

The story is so delicious that it cannot get around the local press and from there it is of interest to international newspapers BBC In the CNBC. Also because it took several hours for the CBE to be able to stop the bleeding. Which in the meantime passed from one smartphone to another, especially in the conversations of university students who immediately lined up to get their share of the “swag”.

Bank President Abe SanoHe explained to reporters that the largest outflows would have been recorded among girls and boys enrolled in university. It took the intervention of the campus police to disperse the crowds that were waiting to withdraw beyond their calculations.

there BBC I collected some field testimonies from students who were warned by their friends and rushed to work, either directly at the window or through it Home banking applicationThus he was able to transfer the money elsewhere. There are those who spent part of the night like this.

The Central Bank of Ethiopia intervened on Sunday, explaining that the systems malfunction occurred during “maintenance and inspection activities.” But he was indicating that the Central Bank of Egypt froze all transactions as soon as it became aware of the problem, without mentioning the free withdrawals that were the root cause of the problem. It then returned to normal operations.

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It was President Sano A Exclude hacker attacks For TLC's infrastructure and to reassure account holders (the bank has 38 million) that their personal finances were not affected. Instead, some universities called on students to return any excess funds withdrawn, while the bank confirmed that in the event of a return there would be no charges or criminal charges.

It is unclear how well he has actually recovered.


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