Brigitte Bardot: “I will not die as a Muslim”

“Once I would have said that I did not want to live in Islamic France. Today I say that I do not want to die in Islamic France!” It is Brigitte Bardot, the brightest diva of French cinema, an absolute icon of feminine beauty, who sounds a cry of alarm from the pages of the weekly magazine Valeurs Actuelles. BB has something for everyone, in the age of morality and correction, of puritanical crusades and summary trials, which has been a symbol of the joie de vivre and carefreeness: from Islam to Wokism, from Macron to Pope Francis, even to neo-feminists and everyone who contributes to the disintegration and decline of France. “We are in a state of complete decline,” Bardo says, “losing all our victories in favor of a miserable, mediocre daily life that is dangerous to the reputation of our beautiful country,” in particular referring to the criminal incidents that the country has witnessed. The literature teacher from Arras High School whose throat was cut by an extremist student and a German tourist while on holiday in front of his wife's eyes. “The killers are often of Islamic origin and they claim it!” Unfortunately, most of them are français de papier (immigrants with only a French document, ed.) and are often mentally ill.

All immigrants who enter must undergo a psychological examination before they are granted asylum and French citizenship,” says the actress, who believes that the problem “is Islam in general, and the Islamic invasion, which poses a frightening danger to French identity and culture.” “It is repugnant to animals, to Catholics of culture and denomination, and she is proud of it, having built a chapel inside her residence, the Garrigue, “decorated with all the beautiful things that people have sent me, that I found in Rome or that belonged to my father. “It's my haven of peace and contemplation,” Pardo says. In the face of the de-Christianization carried out by several left-wing mayors this Christmas period, with the removal of nativity scenes and wokist-style decorations, the star of French cinema comments with these words: “It is another novelty that has come out of the sick.” The brains of our contemporaries dirty everything that is beautiful, pure and true to modernize and globalize ancestral and traditional values. Wokism is a ridiculous trend. I do not accept that the Semitic is distorted and mocked.”

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He did not have a good opinion at all of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. He reiterated this in the interview with Valeurs Actuelles. “Macron is incompetent in everything that concerns France, towards its people and its animals (…). Its balance sheet is terrible in every way. If only Macron had a little compassion, a sense of humanity, and respect for life and his fellow citizens. The French are having a hard time, pensioners don't have any money, people don't know where to sleep, and he's giving a torrent of money to immigrants, it's scandalous. He is detached from reality, only thinks about Europe and does not care about France.” As for Pope Francis, Bardo is even harsher, as she is the one who wants to “include Christian roots in the constitution,” and who considers Saint Francis of Assisi to be her beacon and guide. “I can not see it. It hurts the church a lot. I adored John Paul II, and I remember our beautiful meeting, unique, very warm, and not at all political. “I will never meet the current pope,” BP asserts, saying that Francis has an “infernal side,” which seems like a “representative of the devil.” “He does not deal with Eastern Christians and never talks about them. When I learned that he would be called Francesco, I said to myself with hope.” : If he chose this name, it's because he loves animals. I sent him a congratulatory message thanking him for choosing this name in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. I was hoping he would finally do something more to improve the lot of animals in the world, but he never responded to me. I sent him another message, One of his servants asked me to thank me, blah blah. “So I find Ungg also very rude,” said the French singer.

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Against feminists
As Giampiero Moghini, the prince of Italian nerds, rightly said, “I have done more for women's emancipation and freedom than all the cloying conferences held by professional feminists in the last thirty years.” She did this during a period when women's freedoms had to be suppressed. Her appearance on the scene, with her defiant air, cheerful uniform, and no-holds-barred attitude, destroyed the image of the woman that had existed until the early 1950s. “I am against all feminist activists. Their fight is ridiculous and serves no purpose. I am masculine,” says BB Today. He defines himself as “right-wing” and believes that despite the many difficulties sweeping France, all is not lost. “France is in a bad situation at the moment, but it is possible to be reborn from its ashes. “Like? With the Union of the Right, the National Rally of the young Jordan Bardella, the Reconquete of the former Figaro journalist Eric Zemmour, and the Republicans of the rising liberal leader David Lesnar. «They are all formidable, but what are they waiting for to finally form a strong Union of the Right, capable of putting France back on the right track? “Separately, they won't be able to do anything.”


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