LoL: A silly mechanic from the early seasons, which removed Riot Games from the game.

Newcomers to League of Legends can complain about new champions balancing, some decisions Riot Games makes regarding skins, or even annoying bugs. The truth is that the game is still not perfect And that the developers will not be able to satisfy all the players at the same time. but, It is very difficult to seriously say that things were better a few years ago. Especially if you review the history of LoL and see how some stupid mistakes have led to perverted situations.

How much do you want? yes.

One of our favorite stories about the serious and absurd problems Riot Games has faced in the past is about the elements. In addition to the fact that some of the old things were a bit unbalanced, which is really amazing, It is the fact that there is no limit to the amount of copying a certain item, which allowed to own up to six identical objects, with the accumulation of their negative effects. for example, One strategy that became very popular was to buy six Sunfires with Evelynn and invisibly eliminate competitors.

The hero was simply hunting down her enemies to inflict passive damage from Solar Cloaks. By not having a “unique” rating, The life points subtracted from his opponents were multiplied by the number of times the object was in the inventory. Let’s define that too The mechanism of the disappearance was completely different from the one we know today, and Evelyn could stick to the opponent literally for several seconds without the latter being able to respond If he does not have a pink wing or a nearby tower nearby.

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Other heroes can stack the same item, and it wasn’t uncommon to see some mages (Veigar/Ryze/Karthus) playing with it. Several Angels crew to accumulate a total amount of AP exceeding 1000. These magical constructions were more fun than anything else, and apart from creating a screen with a large number and showing off on the forums, it was better to diversify the elements. If the Solar Cloak is quickly patched with a unique passive feature, This wasn’t the case for all beings, and it wasn’t until a new aberration occurred that Riot Games set out to fix the problem.

Black Clever University

league of legends

The effect of this item was similar to its current version. It reduced the armor of each target hit by a machine attack by 7.5%. The problem, again, is that this effect was doubled on every copy of the item the player had in their inventory. in this way, If the player buys it four times, it reduces the opponent’s physical damage resistance by 30% with each hit. In addition, it also provided 15 armor penetrations for each unit purchased (equivalent to today’s kill rate). This created a group that caused massive damage to all opponents, Once bought a few copies.

black cleaver

250 vital points

50 attack damage

10% slowdown reduction (CDR)

15 armor penetrations (stackable)

Passive (Stack): Dealing physical damage to the hero reduces his armor by 7.5%. This effect can accumulate up to four times.

Riot Games fixed the issue by adding Unique terms first in the flat pene, then in the passive voice of the object. Unique effects have become more and more common in League of Legends over the seasons, to the point that they are the norm today. Some items can no longer be stacked with common mechanisms, such as Muramana and Archangel Both require you to pile the tears of the goddess.

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Riot Games never answered the question of why the items weren’t distinct from the start. However, making everything unique would cause problems early in the game for some archetypes. ADCs used to build many Phantom Dancers, simply because they were The only element in the game that offers attack speed and critical strike. Next, they explained that making an object unique is not just about checking a box when developing it. So we can imagine that this involved a lot of tinkering with the code, and that it wasn’t necessarily simple. but Since the overhaul of the elements, all of them have become unique. Like what, playing silly constructions can sometimes help improve the game.

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