Safari Technology Preview 130 mit Safari 15-Features von Apple veröffentlicht

Apple also released a new Safari Technology preview this evening for all interested users. This is the 130th version of Apple’s browser beta, which brings new features to interested users even before the official launch. Safari Technology Preview is based on Safari 15, which will be available to all users in the fall.

This evening, Apple made Safari Technology Preview 130 available to all interested users for testing. This new version of Safari Technology Preview Loaded here at Apple Where you can find more information about the project. This beta branch of Safari was launched by Apple in 2016 and allows users to pre-test new features of upcoming versions of Safari, for free and without registration. Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla maintain similar versions of Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Experience the new features in Safari 15 now

Safari Technology Preview Version 130 provides, among other things, some improvements and bug fixes in the areas of Web Inspector, CSS, JavaScript, Media, Web API, and IndexedDB. Safari Technology Preview is based on Safari 15, which will bring some new features, including Live Text, which allows text to be copied from images in websites and used in other apps. New tab groups are also part of the Safari Technology Preview. However, according to Apple, these devices are not yet synced with other devices in the new Safari Technology Preview 130. Additionally, users must activate GPU acceleration for media playback in developer options so that they can use streaming services on websites properly.

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Safari 15 will be released to all users this fall as part of macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur.

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