In his editorial on Thursday, November 11, Paul Saugy returned to “wokism” and a surprising exchange took place on Tuesday evening between Laure Adler and Franz Olivier Gisbert on the plateau France 5.

It takes place in the program “C à vous” and Franz Olivier Gisbert has been invited to promote his book “The Intimate History of the Fifth Republic”. Among other excerpts from the book that broadcaster Karim Rasouli read on the air, this book arrived, and I quote you: “I live in Marseille, the French capital of the cosmopolitan, a cosmopolitan city where I feel happy and where I feel at home ..

But often when I walk to Saint Charles station via La Canebière, my heart is heavy because, on the journey, I have not heard anyone speak French. What will happen to our language? Which doesn’t seem to satisfy Laure Adler, who in her explanations the columnist interrupted to loudly express her disapproval. ‘Well, it’s strange to say Frantz, why are you writing this?’ asks the former director of French culture. Then suddenly the mercy coup: “You are some white, and you are so proud of it. There are not enough whites around you.”

You see, by putting a little of you into it, it won’t take much to become a true awakened soldier! I immediately called Sandrine Russo to warn her that you had become a broken man! Most serious: Yes, that’s the acronym Laure Adler made, and fortunately there have been enough netizens over the past couple of days to stress how bad her words are.

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Now the sequence is worth taking a couple of seconds at. why ? For this exchange is a symbol of the discourse of abdication of the identity of residence, which has seized a part of the elegant bourgeoisie and which, however, every time we wish to denounce it, seems to play hide and seek.

In France we used to call this movement “wake-up” or “wokism”, following the Black Lives Matter movement which apologized for this form of consciousness-awakening. Word appeared in Erykah Badu’s RnB Master Teacher track. During the chorus, musician Georgia Ann Muldrow stated, “I stay awake,” and in a 2018 interview, she explained, “Wake up is definitely a dark experience.”

But since then we’ve made it clear that wooki doesn’t exist, and it’s a retro fantasy. However, everything in this exchange between Laurie Adler and Franz Olivier Gesper is a symptom of this new dialectic.

We first find a notorious claim of the distribution of good and bad points. Therefore everyone is called to justify themselves, even Comrade Gisbert: “Why are you writing this, Franz?” »Laure Adler shoots him in the face.

Identification task then: FOG is a white man, so he thinks and talks like a white man. Then comes the hint, which is believed to reveal hidden intentions under speech: waking up knows better than others, reading the underside of cards, examining the kidneys and hearts. Speaking French, FOG was told he was actually preparing eggs. And it doesn’t matter that he’s protesting vigorously!

Finally the coup of mercy, the moral judgment par excellence, the judgment rendered without jury or deliberation, without possibility of appeal: “It is disinterested!” » Laurie Adler concludes. In the end, subject to fighting the alleged racist thinking she blames on her opponent, Laure Adler is immersed in it by seeing whites and blacks where FOG saw only French speakers or not.

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And by separating the camp of good from the camp of evil, it re-establishes the Manichaean logic whereby one is either all white or all black. The wokism court does not care about the nuances.

Because such discourse is blind precisely to what is asserted by the FOG, who feels alienated in his country by the republic’s abandonment of the promotion of assimilation policy, particularly assimilation through language. Since June 16, 2011 French skills are no longer valued for decisions about naturalization, which is unfortunate.


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