The official title and trailer have been revealed at CinemaCon

Warner Bros. revealed. The first official trailer for the fourth installment of The Matrix series premiered at CinemaCon on Tuesday, August 24. The studio has also officially confirmed that the long-awaited sequel title is The Matrix Resurrections.

While the trailer is not currently available to the public, CinemaCon attendees are reporting that the reveal showed the return of Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity.

According to Deadline, the trailer begins with new Keanu Reeves talking to a therapist played by Neil Patrick Harris in futuristic San Francisco. As in the first Matrix movie, Neo appears to be resentful of the world around him.

“I’m crazy?” asks Reeves. “We don’t use that word here,” Harris replies.

According to Aaron Koch of The Hollywood Reporter, Neo was seen taking “two blue pills a day, prescribed by his doctor.”

Neo later meets Carrie Anne Moss’s Trinity at a café, although the pair don’t really get to know each other. It seems that neither of them remember the events of the previous Matrix films. “We know each other?” Trinity asks.

Later, she tells a character who looks like a smaller version of Morpheus Neo that it’s time to “fly” while giving him a red pill. The White Rabbit of Jefferson Airplane accompanies some scenes. The trailer culminates in some Matrix-style stunts and martial arts, along with a moment in which Neo controls a missile via telekinesis.

A fourth Matrix movie, The Matrix Resurrections, was rumored to be released in January. While Laurence Fishburne has stated that he will not be returning as Morpheus in the upcoming sequel, the group includes returning cast members Jada Pinkett-Smith, Daniel Bernhardt and Lambert Wilson. Harris joins other newcomers to the series such as Christina Ricci, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Priyanka Chopra and Jonathan Groff.

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Matrix Resurrections will hit theaters on December 22 and shortly thereafter on HBO Max.


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