In the 2000s, they were some of the most iconic couples of their generation. On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez made her debut on the big screen and hit the world with songs like “Let’s Get Loud”. On the other hand, Ben Affleck continued his rise in the seventh art by playing in “Will Hunting” or “Shakespeare in Love”. But after they met on the set of the filming of “Turbulent Love” in 2003, and announced their engagement three months later, the two stars separated in January 2004, in the face of great media pressure. If many then believe in the last applause, the future will prove otherwise, seventeen years later.

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It all began in the spring of 2021, when Ben Affleck used an interview with “InStyle” magazine to pay tribute to his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez. “Where do you hide the fountain of your youth?” Why do you look the same as in 2003 when I look like I’m in my forties…at best? ‘, confirms the person who was married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 to 2017. To which Jennifer Lopez was quick to respond: ‘Ben is funny! He’s still handsome too. Calendar chance or not, the latter officially announced her split from her then-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, after a few days. Is it time for a reunion? At first, if they did not utter a word about a possible reconciliation between them, the translator of “On the Floor” and the actor will end up confirming what everyone already knows in July: they found each other.

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Since then, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not left each other. At first conservative, they do not hesitate to show their happiness in broad daylight, while walking in New York but also on the red carpet. Venice Film Festival Staples Center booths Preview of “The Last Duel”, “The Tender Bar”: Love is everywhere. Back in the pictures in its most noticeable guise.


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