Weekly horoscope from March 21, 2022: 3 zodiac signs start in the spring with special success

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Three zodiac signs had a particularly successful week starting March 21

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Spring is in the air and lifts spirits. Here you can find out what zodiac signs can really take off according to the horoscope predictions for the week of March 21-27.

Now this spring is finally here with the onset of spring on the 20th of March the new week begins with a lively and lively. The transit of the Sun into Aries awakens courage, emotions and forces that drive and inspire to do things actively and with commitment. Mars, Venus and Uranus are also in a constellation that strengthens energy and spirits: many people now feel the need to assert their freedom and independence and are ready to pursue their goals even in the face of resistance.

Your horoscope promises a particularly successful first week of spring for three zodiac signs.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs have the most successful weeks as of March 21


Aquarius birds can move around and get in on a lot this week. People around you listen and respect you, they meet you with openness and curiosity. It gives you confidence and supports you – you want to change the world, but you know you can’t do it alone. It is important to remain calm and not stress yourself too much.

the widest

Aries gets a powerful boost of energy from the Sun in their sign. Now is a good opportunity to set clear goals and pursue them with all your might. You are by no means alone: ​​feel free to involve your fellow human beings, they will support you and make your journey more enjoyable.


Leo will gain a lot this week if they come to a not simple realization: that everything passes quickly and no moment lasts forever. On the other hand, this fact is painful because it means that we do not have unlimited time and we have to give it up. But on the other hand, it’s what makes our lives so special and every experience precious, whether beautiful or painful. Having said that, it is liberating to know that nothing lasts: we do not have to save anything, nor must we live forever with any of the consequences of our choices. What do you want to do with this freedom? Once you know, it’s best to start right away.

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