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Great care! If you are one of the users who use the email platform on a daily basis GmailThen you should take care of the 15 GB of free storage that Google gives you, since since last June 1 you have been sharing this space simultaneously with Google Drive (the cloud) and Google Photos, occupying all you have to pay more gigabytes for. For this reason, today we are going to teach you a simple trick to identify the heaviest emails you have stored in Gmail.

Most of the emails were sent to you by Gmail They only take up a few megabytes of storage, however, this changes when you receive messages with attached files such as: photos, videos, audios, Word documents, Excel, PDF, etc., because in this way there is a greater risk of 15 free. GB will play faster.

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There is a very simple trick so that you do not visit every page of Gmail Searching for emails with attachments, as this can be time consuming and even tedious. Before revealing this method, it is important to clarify that you can only do it from a desktop computer or laptop, and this does not apply to tablets and smartphones.

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How to find heavy mail

  • sign in to Gmail From a PC or laptop.
  • Now, head to the search bar at the top.
  • Write the following: Size: 10MB (all together) and press Enter.
  • Wait a few seconds for Gmail It only shows you emails that range in weight from 10MB to less.
  • You can also enter the size: 20, 30 MB or more if you have emails that weigh that much.
  • It is recommended that you check emails before deleting them so that you do not ignore important messages.
  • Something you should consider is that Gmail will show you first your current large emails and then older ones.
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Do you have problems with Gmail? If the platform is running slow or not loading properly, tap And follow all the steps to solve the problem. If these solutions do not work, consult To see if there are any known issues with Gmail.


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