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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are subject to a Best Buy restocking drop, but note that this is not a regular restock as users can purchase this from the online store, as you must be physically present for this. Yes, this is similar to those regular lineups of consoles and games as was the case in the ’90s or earlier, as a queue is necessary to ensure their purchase by humans.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X stocks are still limited, something that is caused by the global shortage of chips plaguing other industries at the moment. According to Toshiba, the chip shortage will last longer, and will extend until 2023, when PS5 and Xbox Series X will be severely affected.

Best buy from physical stores for PS5 and Xbox Series X storage

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Best Buy is restocking (via the edge), and it will be one of the biggest restocks fans will see this year, as the retailer invites everyone to buy their consoles in-store. Yes, it will be on a basis where people can actually buy it, like previous console versions like PS4, Xbox One, and more.

However, this will still be limited, will have a certain number of shares for a particular store, and will not guarantee that everyone will have the opportunity to purchase the console. However, people have to wait early to get the ticket they need so that they can pick up a particular console at checkout.

Users can still enter Best Buy and purchase merchandise, but they can only secure the console if they have the ticket that will be handed over by “blue shirt” workers.

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How do you locate Best Buy near you?

Best Buy has set up a website Where users can choose their status and location, here, the store or branch will tell them to proceed and queue. Note that not everyone will have the console and only physical stores selected, so be sure to use this tool.

Fill in the state, and choose your preferred location. Next, click Submit and have the website create a site for you.

How to get a ticket

It’s important to queue early, and Best Buy allows people to be queued as early as 7:30 AM (local time) at the designated branch or location. Here, Blue Shirt employees will distribute tickets and note that there will only be a certain console that they can purchase.

This includes PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, and Xbox Series X.

Aspiring buyers should ensure proper social distancing and wearing masks to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Is it worth lining up physically for the best buy?

Line up the console is worth it, especially because this is a bargain, and it’s a sure thing to buy the limited stocks of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Note that the public should always prioritize their health and observe proper health safety guidelines.

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