Fortnite: Fortle, the Wordle version of Royal Battle - Fortnite

Maybe you haven’t missed the World, SUTOM, or even TUSMO phenomenon in recent weeks. These are mini-games that simply adopt the concept of the popular game show Motus, which ceased broadcasting in 2019. In the face of the success of these online games, various variants have appeared, whether for geography, cinema, sports and many other things. One of them for Fortnite fans.

Fortle, Wordle of Fortnite

In fact, the site is set up Fortell, which deals with the concept of Wordle, in words specific to the world of battle royale. The principle remains the same: find a five-letter word in six attempts. The only downside is that it is only available in English. So you must have a good level of English, or know Fortnite to perfection.

Regarding his work, here are the most important points:

  • You have six attempts to find a five letter word.
  • The shaded letters are not in the word.
  • The purple letters are in the word, but in the wrong place.
  • The orange letters are in the word and in the right place.

During the first attempts, you will then have to try to find as many letters as possible, eliminating the others, using a variety of words. With luck, you will already have a few letters well laid out, which will give you an idea of ​​the word of the day. Remember that these are only words related to the Fortnite universemaking things less difficult.

Fortell It also features stats tracking, which means you can have fun with your friends and prove that you are better than them.

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Regarding TUSMO, know that you can find a solution to the word of the day and the rest of the day directly on our dedicated portal.

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