Where to build and destroy special sandcastles in

We’re already in Chapter 2, Season 6, Week 10 of It is an electronic game. The season went quickly because I didn’t play much. It just went slowly in the sense that I’m not a fan of the “primitive” things at all, and I’m eager for it to be over. I have quite a few complaints about It is an electronic game Recently, truth be told. But I will save it for another position.

For now, we have the challenges of Week 10. Two of these revolve around building and destroying “special sandcastles”. I’m not sure why it’s special, but it is.

Of course, guides like this and complete It is an electronic game The guide community has become less important in recent seasons since Epic decided to include a challenge schedule that easily identifies where to go for many – but not all – of the game’s challenges. This is very weak because it actively penetrates into the organic community built around directories (imagine if FromSoftware includes a handy directory inside Evil spirits Rather than relying on society for its various secrets) but here we go. It is an electronic game It’s a mess. Even just reading about the challenges you have to do in any given week has become an immense and unforgivable pain in the back and I’m not sure why Epic Games followed this path.

But I digress. Here you can find special sand castles to build and then destroy them – they are not on the same site.

You’ll find construction sites on the beach near the Dirty Docks and the beach south of Holly Hedges. You can destroy private sand castles on the beach northeast of the Craggy Cliffs and the beach just south of the Flush Factory, across the waters from the new tiny island where you go to convert Lara Croft’s gold.

Here is the map:

Each of these locations has three sand castles placed close together which makes solving this challenge quick and easy (since you only need to build / destroy three to get you started). There was a time when Fortnite Challenges made you scan the entire map looking for rubber ducks or hidden statues. Now you can see exactly where you are going and when you get there you can solve the challenge without searching or scavenging at all. I guess we can’t trust kids to do any of this themselves – so open a browser or YouTube and do a quick search!

Yes, sorry, I am clearly a little salty. Challenges were previously much better in this game. And so did the menus. Really, while I understand the need to keep innovating and iterating, I miss when It is an electronic game It was more fun and the entire menu system was easier to navigate. I’m tired of this map, I’m tired of phrasing in a big way and I just want to go back in time to Chapter 1.

In short, you can finish your Battle Pass and these two challenges together will give you 48,000 XP. Happy hunting young Bedouins!

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