Squid Game: Road signs worry motorists

The escalating Squid game chases reality. Facing questions from motorists about road signs, British police in the Thames Valley released a letter on Monday to reassure them.

Triangle, square and circle. This code will not leave indifferent to those who have at least taken a look at the Netflix series: The Squid Game.

British motorists were also able to find these symbols on road signs. In order to calm the morale of the drivers, the police decided to post a humorous illustration on social media. Autonews.fr.

Already over 111 million views in one month

In particular, the authorities wrote: “We can confirm that following this mark will not lead you to the popular Nexflix series Squid Game.” “These are just indications of detours during the works… Brother!”

The South Korean series Squid Game is currently streaming on the streaming platform, and has already been watched over 111 million times in one month.

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