It’s Euro 2021, the first round is over, and France is preparing to face Switzerland in a few days. But on the hypothetical side, it’s Japan that rules: a certain Tokyo-based publisher gives players around the world the chance to try out the next soccer simulation.

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Without warning , On Thursday, June 24 at midnight, Konami launched an online audition for its new football experience. A simple way to talk about eFootball PES 2022’s first beta under the long-awaited Unreal Engine after 2021 release qualifies as a minor update. Available for free (no PS Plus or Gold subscription required), this playable preview is available on PS5 (6.76GB weight) and Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One.

To enjoy it, you have to go in your console store and start typing “New Online Soccer Game Performance Test”. Then you get the first sensations. Don’t expect the game to be complete and finished, as the publisher suggests, you’ll only have quick matches, meager choices, and a lot of completely unresolved gameplay elements. At least you will be able to change the basic configuration and game plans. Feel free to take a look at our photos in the gallery below.

KONAMI is pleased to announce that they are approaching a new football experience! We will be holding an open beta before the game officially launches, as shown below. The purpose of this beta test is to evaluate the quality of online matchmaking and connection to servers. Gameplay, balance, animations and graphics are all under development and will be improved before the official launch. We’d like to invite you to participate in this open beta and ask you to share your thoughts and comments on your experience.

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With Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona you will be able to start clashes online, across possible generations, especially with the aim of checking the reconciliation and stability of the infrastructures.

The “test” will run until midnight on July 8. There is no release date for eFootball PES 2022. However. Bta’s billboards announce the first news on July 21. Strongly.


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