Ekaterina Leonova won a hat-trick in “Let’s Dance” between 2017 and 2019.Photo: IMAGO / Lumma Photo

Along with professional dancers, 14 celebrities will soon be trying to prove themselves in “Let’s Dance”. The new season starts on February 18th, but even though all of the participating stars have been known for a few days, the broadcaster kept the professionals secret – until Thursday evening.

Renata Lucin, Massimo Sinado and Christina Luft are also part of the party, but apparently another name is causing more anticipation: After a gap of two years from the show, Ekaterina Leonova celebrates her comeback in “Let’s Dance”. Although the exact pairs are not yet known, one thing is for sure: the dancer on her side should be one of the short favorites.

Ekat returns to “Let’s Dance”.

In 2021 Ekad threatened to be deported to his native Russia, which is why he had to look for a new job. He finally found him, and he combined professional change with change to Munich. However, there is a wish that her boss will release her for “Let’s Dance” and it seems to have happened.

Just this week, the 34-year-old responded to a question from fans on Instagram about returning to “Let’s Dance” with the following words: “As they say: never say. But at some point, I have to see …” This did not seem very hopeful at first, but in reality she was not allowed to express too much in advance, so she implicitly revealed herself.

Now Ekaterina can finally speak publicly about her TV comeback. On social media, he spoke privately on Thursday and informed his followers:

Fans are delighted and can’t wait to see the loneliness on stage again. “Finally you came back,” you can read in the comments, for example. Another follower writes: “I’m incredibly happy for you, dear Ekath! It’s a sensation.” Elsewhere it says: “I cry with joy.”

The dancer has already won the popular RDL show with Gill Ofarim, Ingolf Look and Pascal Heinz, who scored a hat-trick between 2017 and 2019. Now she must be motivated to continue her journey of success.

With whom is Ekaterina Leonova competing in ‘Let’s Dance’?

Professional dancers of “Let’s Dance” season 2022 in detail:

  • Andrzej Cibis
  • Christian Polang
  • Christina Air
  • Ekaterina Leonova
  • Evgeny Vinogrove
  • Isabel Edwardson
  • Katherine Mensinger
  • Malika Dzumaev
  • Massimo Synodo
  • Patricia Ional
  • Renata dozen
  • Vadim Karpushov
  • Valentine Lucin
  • Zsolt Sndor Cseke

This year’s male “Let’s Dance” celebrities are Timur Alker, Matthias Meister, Hardy Krooker Jr., Rene Casselli, Mike Singer, Ricardo Basil and Bastian Bylandorfer. So you can be a dance partner to loneliness.


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