El Conejo Pérez and Javier Aguirre wrote another chapter of their history in Monterrey vs Cruz Azul
Oscar El Conejo Perez and Javier Aguirre have shared many stories in Mexico (Photo: EFE/Cuartoscuro)

In the context of the Liga Mx match between Cruz Azul and Monterrey, The reunion of two “friends” who made football. former goalkeeper, Oscar El Conejo Perez and coach Javier Aguirre, They starred in a strange conversation in the underground corridors of the Azteca Stadium minutes before the two teams reached the stadium.

These are the two banners of Mexican football They have shared great stories during their sports career. They have participated in matches as part of the same team and even met as competitors in the Liga Mx Final.

The first act of his bittersweet history occurred in 1999 when Pachuca became the league champion, overtaking Cruz Azul in the final. Tozo, led by Javier Aguirre, beat the machine in overtime and with a golden goal on the stage of the Blue Stadium. In the heavenly goal, Conejo Pérez was already a reference, as he could do nothing to avoid the goal in the final minutes of the match.

Javier Aguirre spent time with the Mexican national team in 2002 and 2010 (Photo: EFE)
Javier Aguirre spent time with the Mexican national team in 2002 and 2010 (Photo: EFE)

Later Aguirre was appointed coach of the Mexican national team. In his first directed match, he rotated the goalkeepers responsible for defending the tricolor arc. but nevertheless, For the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, he was currently leaning towards Rabbit Pérez. The goalkeeper, who at the time was still playing for Cruz Azul, starred in his participation in the World Cup, winning the title for names such as Oswaldo Sánchez and Jorge Campos.

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After passing the Aztec national team, Vasco set out on his journey to the Old Continent to train in the Spanish League. He had great moments leading Osasuna and Atletico Madrid. At that time, the paths of Perez and Aguirre had not met in a period of nearly seven years, as Conejo continued his career with the Celestials in the Mexican League.

The most controversial reunion occurred during Javier Aguirre’s invitation to South Africa 2010. The Mexican coach was called in by the federation to save the process towards the World Cup, which seemed difficult.

The former goalkeeper had his best moments with Cruz Azul (Photo: Iván Stephens/Cuartoscuro)
The former goalkeeper had his best moments with Cruz Azul (Photo: Iván Stephens/Cuartoscuro)

Finally, Vasco led the tricolor team to get a pass to the World Cup, under the guidance of Guillermo Ochoa, where the American goalkeeper was part of most of the squads under the leadership of the coach. The surprise of those who were invited to attend South Africa was the name of Oscar Perez. For many, his calling is mainly due to the experience that the goalkeeper can pass on to the rest of the players. but nevertheless, In his first World Cup match facing the host, Aguirre lined up past Rabbit.

At the time, Oscar Perez was not living one of his best years in Mexican football. sThe u stage ended in Cruz Azul in 2008 To assign the holder to Yosgart Gutiérrez. The hare was transported to the north of the country with the tigers. He then played two tournaments with Jaguares and with Chiapas Club where he was called up for selection to play the 2010 World Cup.

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Despite questions about Vasco Aguirre’s ownership of the rabbit in South Africa 2010, the coach defended his decision arguing that he chose the goalkeeper because he was the one who conveyed the most confidence and with whom. He already shared the World Cup experience in 2002.

El Conejo Pérez is currently part of Cruz Azul's coaching staff (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
El Conejo Pérez is currently part of Cruz Azul’s coaching staff (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Aguirre returned to Spain to continue his coaching career after 2010. He went through the bench of national teams such as Japan and Egypt before becoming his own. A triumphant return to Mexican football with Rayados de Monterrey. For his part, El Conejo Pérez passed through Necaxa, San Luis and Pachuca towards the end of his career. He retired with Tuzos in 2018, leaving behind a legacy of style He played 741 matches in Mexico and works as a goalkeeper coach in Cruz Azul.

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