09:42 – A press release scheduled for the afternoon

The day after the bad news that struck Pollen, Carpentras public prosecutor Pierre Cognot will speak on the afternoon of October 21, 2021. The magistrate is expected in front of the press at 4 p.m. The progress of the investigation, the profile of the suspect, the course of events or the opportunity to identify the victim.

09:30 – An open hearing

Following the gruesome discovery, an investigation into the deliberate homicide was opened by the Carpentros (Voclus) state prosecutor’s office. It was handed over to the Orange Research Force. On Wednesday, the Marseille Research Division came up with reinforcements to analyze crime, backed by criminal investigation technicians from Avignon.

09:16 – Who was arrested?

The suspect, the grandson of the victim, was actively searched throughout the day on Wednesday. He is 37 years old, unknown to police, but suffering from mental disorders. It could be schizophrenia CNews.

09:12 – Suspect “behind bars”

Boleyn Mayer notes that after he was arrested just before midnight on Wednesday, the defendant was placed in a “locked position.” He should be heard soon by investigators.

09:07 – Pollyn Mayer “Relief”

Pollyn Mayer (Vogluse) first announced the arrest of the suspect, in a message posted on his Facebook account on Wednesday night, October 20th. The city councilor said, “I was relieved to find that the individual had been wanted since noon.” Catch this person suspected of a heinous family crime.

08:50 – The individual has typed in a resident’s house

According to various sources, the man was arrested after knocking on a resident’s house. The latter would have immediately called the gender, and his behavior was suspicious.

08:41 – No “protest”

According to Gendermary, his arrest was carried out unopposed by troops from the Pollyn Regional Force. The individual was unarmed and tired and wore shorts.

08:38 – Arrested last night

The hunt ended without bloodshed. A man suspected of beheading his grandfather has been arrested in Saint-Paul-Troyes-Chattoks (Trom).

20/10/21 – 23:31 – What are the numbers to contact for information?

End of Life – People are invited to collaborate on an information event. If you stumble upon the fugitive you can contact 17, the city of Polynes has also set a number. This is 04 90 30 36 85.

20/10/21 – 22:41 – Security will be beefed up around schools in Pollen on Thursday

After the beheading of a man on Wednesday, October 20, the main suspect is still being sought, and the city of Pollyn has decided to strengthen security around schools tomorrow, Thursday, October 21. However, the device could not be placed if police were able to locate the fugitive within it.

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