The Meuse is overflowing, 10 thousand evacuated to Maastricht

City Maastricht Residents called alive Hyugim e Randwick to leave their homesas soon as possible“Because the water level Meuse River Running in the city. The neighborhood has a population ten thousand people. Authorities believe water cleaned the basins in the two neighborhoods around 3:00 at night. “This means that the water will end up in the streets and homes‘ reads the note.

According to the National People’s Congress (NPC) news agency, the river is expected to reach its highest level in two centuries. Several municipalities in the province of Limburg, on the border with Germany, have declared a state of emergency, making the evacuation of residents mandatory in some areas. The Dutch government has recognized the state of natural disasters in the territory. Authorities have not reported casualties as of tonight, but bad weather has caused a lot of damage on the Dutch side of the border, particularly in Valkenburg. King William Alexander and Queen Maxima traveled to the area to meet rescuers and residents. Tomorrow Ruti must visit Limburg.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the water level of the Steinbach River in North Rhine-Westphalia had fallen, as in the Euskirchen region it was feared that the dam might fail. This is what he wrote to the German news agency (Dpa), citing a spokesperson for the crisis unit on the spot. This is categorized asvery unstable“On the day. False rumors, circulating about the dangers of collapse, have prompted many people to flee. About 4,500 people have been evacuated in the area as a precaution, according to information from the local council in Oskirchen. Tomorrow the dam will undergo a new survey.

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In all, there are 67 deaths between Germany and Belgium, but at least 30 others are missing.


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