Mass-impact lithography hints at the main return for the next sequel

YouTuber MrHulthen has picked up a now-deleted description from the official BioWare store that hints at plot elements from the next game in mass effect a series. Specifically, a lithograph celebrating the return of the franchise is described with text indicating that the main character Shepherd survived the events of 3 . mass effect So he could return as a hero (or at least some character) in the next game.

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The quote from the original store description mentions that Shepherd and other survivors picked up the pieces after destroying the Reapers at the end of 3 . mass effect. Any mention of Shepherd has been removed from the description quickly After its initial publication, and now reduced to describing a few sentences collectible.

Shepard’s survival is backed up by one of the endings for the 2012 RPG. Those who choose to finish Destroy after clearing each mission placed in front of them will see a bonus scene that follows the typical colorful epilogue. The Normandy crew gather at a memorial wall, Shepherd’s love interest refuses to add their names to the list of fallen heroes, and then we see Shepherd take a breath as they lie under the rubble. Given that this ending is the hardest to unlock, it was considered canon by many fans, making Shepard’s survival for granted.

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Whether Shepherd is the main character in the next mass effect Or it won’t be revealed for a long time, because the game won’t be the next game released by BioWare. The team is working hard on the next entry in Dragon Age Although this development has been fraught with difficulty for some time, due to cases of employee departures and the lack of footage to display after years of work. Fans of both franchises are eager to see if BioWare can recover from recent missteps and offer new adventures in these beloved worlds.

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