A mother lets her 2-year-old son play with his phone and orders 31 burgers

In Texas, an order for 31 cheeseburgers was placed online by a two-year-old boy, who borrowed his mother’s phone while she was working.

Barrett’s eyes were probably larger than his stomach. The rhythms of Buster Brown. On May 16, this 2-year-old accidentally ordered a 31 cheeseburger from McDonald’s using his mother’s phone. The latter, Kelsey Golden, was working at home behind her computer when her son asked for his smartphone, so he could take pictures. Instead of playing games, he “likes to look at his own reflection”, Kelsey Golden explains to our CNN colleagues.

Except that the uncensored young Barrett didn’t just take pretty selfies. By tapping on the device and swiping with his fingers, he opens the DoorDash delivery app, similar to the Deliveroo or Uber Eats app.

Nobody in the family likes cheeseburgers.

Then his mother receives a notification telling her that her order is “taking longer than usual”. But Kelsey Golden isn’t particularly careful, thinking it wrong.

A few minutes later, while she was playing with her son, she saw DoorDash’s car. Inside: a bag containing 31 cheeseburgers. For Kelsey Golden, without a doubt: The delivery man got the wrong house.

“Then I realized Barrett was playing with my phone (…) I looked at him and an order was placed when he had the device,” she says.

The irony of history? “Nobody in the family likes a cheeseburger.” So Kelsey Golden has He posted on Facebook a picture of 31 sandwiches ordered by his sonExplaining that she was giving them for free. A week later, her post went viral, and most of the burgers were donated to neighbors.

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The thirty-one burgers cost just under $100, in part because Barrett left a “really generous” tip, as her mother notes.


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