Rover images from Mars are currently raising eyebrows and speculation. The images show a rock formation that appears to have a door or gate embedded in it.

These recordings make you speechless. The Curiosity rover has been exploring Mars for NASA for about 10 years. The new photos are now causing speculation. Is this the key to extraterrestrial life that humanity has been waiting for?

Rover Curiosity was launched on Mars in 2012. The “perseverance” rover followed in 2021. Since then, the rover has regularly sent back images and data that help NASA in space exploration. Specifically, they should look for previous microbial life.

NASA: New images of Mars cause a lot of confusion

However, the new images are now causing a lot of confusion. Because something like a door or gate can be clearly seen on the rover photos. Is this some kind of gang? But where does it lead? And how did that happen?

The images are from a series of shots taken from a rock formation. The ‘door’ is set in the middle of the rocks and appears to be handcrafted. “It’s a very strange picture,” British geologist Neil Hodgson has to admit to the life sciences.

For years, there has been speculation about the possibility of life on Mars. Knowing that Mars may once have been home to life will be the most profound discovery in space exploration.

Photos from Mars Show Opening in a rock formation – is it a door or a gate?

The images that NASA has now released are from May 7, 2022. Even those who took a closer look twice were amazed. Because the opening looks like an entrance perfectly carved into a rock.

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What exactly is the subject of the “portal” is not clear. Likewise, the exact size of the mysterious hole is not known. But there are also explanations that you should not hold back on the existence of extraterrestrials.

Mysterious door on Mars – geologist gives an assessment

Geologist Hodgson thinks it has to do with “natural erosion.” Based on other images showing the immediate vicinity of the site, he was able to see layers of rock sloping on one side and higher than on the other.

The layers were deposited “probably four billion years ago in sedimentary conditions, perhaps in a river or sand dunes,” Hodgson said. Then these vertical fractures occurred due to drifts.

When these vertical fractures met, a large boulder finally broke out. What remained after that was a formation strongly reminiscent of a door or gate. “Gravity is not that strong on Mars, but it is strong enough to cause such an event,” Hodgson said. (j)


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