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Jeff Grob (H/T) Reported by GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grob Eurogamer).

Grubb revealed the release window on Thursday’s episode of GrubbSnax’s GrubbSnax show. He also said that the game will target current-generation consoles, leaving the last generation out of release plans.

“I suppose if you’re a Need for Speed ​​fan who’s bought a next-gen console, here’s some good news,” Grob said. “It’s only from the next generation. They’re passing on to the next generation just for it.”

Grubb also briefly discussed the game’s setup, saying that he “hear things like Miami, which makes me think maybe they’ll go Underground,” referring to Need for Speed: An Underground reboot of the series released in 2003. He stressed that he couldn’t Confirming the place, and that the resemblance to Underground in particular could be “leaps in logic I make”.


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