Crédits Jon Prosser x Ian Zelbo

L ‘Apple Watch Series 7 There must be a break. The latest rumors are already sparking a design change. The opinion John Prosser seems to share. With participation Ian Zelbo, He has already produced many designs that are supposed to represent the brand new watch.

Apple isn’t the type to renew its product design every year. The company prefers to move forward in small steps. If the Apple Watch has evolved a lot since the first release, then its format has broadly remained the same from one generation to the next.

Crédits John Prosser x Ian Zelbo

That could change this year, however. Apple will already have the idea to give Apple Watch Seires 7 a completely new design.

Apple Watch Series 7 is said to feature a slightly revamped design

Design directly inspired by its other products, and more specifically iPhone and iPad.

In fact, rumors point to a completely new tablet with completely flat edges. Like what the brand offers on its smartphones and tablets.

If the difference is not apparent on paper, it is more evident when we visualize it. So John Prosser asked his friend Ian Zelbo to produce several shows based on his information. The result is the gorgeous Apple Watch Series 7, the thinnest Apple Watch Series 7.

Flat slats for a more slim look

As strange as it may sound, the simple fact of using a flat-edged disk gives the impression of increased compactness. However, the dimensions of the clock should not differ much from what we have today.

In the same vein, John Prosser and Ian Zelbo also chose to dye one of the watches presented through these designs in green, which will be the new color that will be introduced this year. Light green color, close to gray and thus will replace the blue version of Series 6.

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Unless, of course, the brand enjoys offering a wide variety of colors, as was the case with the iMac (2021).


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