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lego marvel super heroes It will be released on Nintendo Switch this fall – on October 7th, 2021. The game is already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

We just received this announcement from Warner Bros. Games, TT Games, The LEGO Group, and Marvel Entertainment via a press release. lego marvel super heroes The film revolves around a new story that spans the entire Marvel Universe and is imbued with the classic sense of adventure and humor found in LEGO video games. Players take on the roles of their favorite Marvel superheroes as they work together to stop a group of villains who set out to destroy the world. Whether you’re cutting your way, swinging over obstacles or taking to the skies: you can visit famous locations of the Marvel universe like Stark Tower, X-Mansion, Asteroid M, and Asgard on all of these paths.

You can also unlock more than 100 playable characters from the Marvel Universe, including fan favorites like Black WidowAnd lokiAnd Spider ManAnd Nick FuryAnd Iron ManAnd WolverineAnd captain AmericaAnd the structureAnd bullAnd hookAnd dead list And Galactus!

lego marvel super heroes For the Nintendo Switch, it also includes the following two DLC packs that have already been released:

  • lego marvel super heroes Super Buck: Stone smashing action with more superheroes, villains, new vehicles and races. Fan favorites like Dark Phoenix, Winter Soldier, Symbiote Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Falcon, and Beta Ray Bill are available.
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Asgard Pack: The cause of the chaos is the avenger Malekith and the villainous LEGO character cycles. Jane Foster can be played as Sword, Asgard’s first armor. Odin and the three warriors defend the universe: Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral.
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